Drawing from characteR

Way back when... when I first started playing with this whole animation thing I used to design characters from the outside in... I was so caught up into what they looked like as if that was going to dictate that they were like internally... NOW how many characters have you seen that look all fresH and shinY but are just plain and boring as fawK when they speak or act?

So yeh a characters look IS important but nowadays I do it the other way around... When I'm writing I try to figure out where the character is emotionally and mentally and I let that guide theY actions and eventually theY look... I don't give much thought into what they look like until all the pre-production work is done...

We all LOOK a certain way and we all have a certain ENERGY about us... if the only thing that makes us interesting is how we look... well then we're not a very interesting character ^_^ We might do well in still frames but animate us and make us talk and its LamevILLE...

So now before I start designing any character visuals I make sure that I know WHO and WHAT they are and how they FEEL before I start trying to give them those things through they visual design...

Maybe that's what they teach you in like character design school er some shit? I never went to school for film, art or animation so I wouldn't know 0_0

In real life I only have a few friends... why? Mainly because I like characters.... and real characters are hard to find... in real life and in art.

So the world needs YOU to forge some real interesting unique characters!

The WEIRD guy who rides this bike is a character... he's usually either adding new tape and cardboard to his bike or combing his non existant hair for extended periods of time 0_0