Gotta find the LOVE in creatinG

To be an Uberector you gotta love...

EVERYTHING about the animated filmmaking process...

You have to LOVE coming up with ideas... outlining, writing, storyboarding, doing concept art...making compositing...editing... You've to LOVE it all or you won't make it...

I myself LOVE every part of the process...well maybe not the whole marketing and distribution part 0_o BUT when it comes to actually MAKING it and not SELLING it.... I love it... I could do it all day every day...actually I do it all day every day ^ ^

When I'm animating and the shot is going good I get up and dance... no joke! It makes me feel so happy and I'm usually listening to somethin good like UBER GRIMY dubstep these days ^ ^ So I do a lot of dancing while animating... I know its just me in a room sitting in front of a computer alone BUT it brings much joy!

Ya see there was NOTHING else in life that I found that gave me this kind of joy and fulfillment... being a simple "director" or "animator" didn't do it for me... NOTHING ELSE IN LIFE DID IT for me...I had to invent the whole UBERECTOR thing to find my true love in life...

So if you can't find THE LOVE in the role's that the status quo has pre-defined for you MAYBE YOU need to make up a new role for yourself to fill?

A thought about friends and relationships... those people may come and go but YOUR ART... YOUR TRUE LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU as long as YOU never betray it.


    that's what I've found by yer link Im so shocked actually..impressed I guess.. dubstep

  2. Bro.. What the FUCK have you done to your blog? It's a fucking mess. I would gladly choose clarity over this overly stylish "artistic" horse shit. It's all over the place and looks like some psycho rapists bedroom - probably the look you were going for, but this shit is impossible to navigate!

  3. @Amer

    I'm just using the new built in templates by google... you can actually change the view yourself up in the top left corner where it says "mosaic"... hopefully one of those other views works better for you! ^ ^ Sorry bout that bruh!


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