HSM Limited edition 11_11_11 prints now available!

So for the hardcore M dot Strange peeps out there... I offer you the first piece of Heart String Marionette memorabilia history ^_^

It's a 12 x 20 print and only 20 were made! They are autographed, dated and numbered by me like this...

Here's what they look like in real life... that's my homie Jesse who got print #1 OMG?! ^_^

There's only 19 available as there will never be another first edition 11_11_11 print like this made. I will sell them sequentially so first person to order gets #2 and the last will get #20.

I'm posting this on my blog first as you peeps are teh hardcore ^_^

They are $50usd + $5usd for shipping and I'll ship them anywhere. You can buy below through paypal.
If you want to pay by check or some other way please email me at Mdotstrange@gmail

To those of you that want this print but this version is too expensive I will be offering a mass printed version in the coming months for $25usd but it won't be limited edition or signed.

OR if yer down with the dot matrix look you can download and print this rasterbated version now ^_^

M doTs


  1. If only I had money ;____;
    Love the font on the poster by the way its very bubbly.

  2. i'd buy one if i could, im broke right now though. there pretty awesome looking though.


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