Making movies FASTER

Now as we all know making this new film has taken WAAAAAY too long to complete... as We Are The Strange premiered in January of 2007 0_o

Why has it taken so long? The short is answer is like because... it took a long time ^ ^ The long answer is... because I didn't get to work on it all the time in those five years...

In 2007 and 2008 I was still flying all over the world to show the film or speak at film related events... they were places I'd never been before so I took advantage of the free flights/hotels and travelled around after the events... so I was happy that I got to see some places/things... but now I've seen them haha so expect more work and less travel from me this time around...

So for 2007 and 2008 I was still caught up in a bunch of stuff related to WATS... mostly travel related... I took my script/storyboard/laptop with me to try and do work on the road but that wasn't very productive... I didn't start serious work on HSM until 2009 really... as that's when all the pre-production for HSM was done...

Sooooo since I could never stand to take sooooo long in between films again.... HSM will be completed within a month from now GUARANTEED... and I will be finished with the storyboards for the next film next week ^ ^ then I will get right to the animatic and finish that before years end...

I know some of you are all yeah yeah blah blah M dot where's this movie?! BUT trust me its right HERE ^_^

As we finish the film.... it takes shape as a little bubble that contains the past 4 years of our lives..... all our energy and resources...and all our hopes and dreams... we've given up everything for HEART STRING MARIONETTE....


  1. if you're not a film MAKER then you're a film FAKER >:P

  2. I hope you've made back-ups. SAVE YOUR SHIZ! RIGHT NOW!

  3. n mdot I know this film is ganna be amazing :3
    You put your heart n soul into this it would be a sin not to see it

  4. I am so excited!!! :D I hope November flies by!

    very nice :)


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