The shattered mirror

I just finished the storyboards for my next animated feature after HSM...

It has like 1,200 shots... HSM had like 1,600...WATS had like 700

I know you haven't seen HSM yet so yer like YEH WHATEVER... but its like done we just have to figure out how/when to release it so we make enough moneyS to make another film... but I have to keep it moving... I can't get caught being static while HSM is being released and all that... I need to keep working... I need to keep making films however I can...

This next film will be in a world similar to HSM with dolls... and things made of wood... and yeh a more organic vibe....

NOW I'm really nuts because I just finished the outline for the film after the next ^_^ And I'm starting on that screenplay now and I will finish it in the next 2 weeks... Its a VERY DARK will be like my cyber punk epic ^ ^

On a random note... you peeps that are into my stuff... ever had any "UFO" or "alien abduction" experiences? Or any recurring nightmares when you were a kid? I'm just curious....


  1. i had a sort of recurring nightmare when i was still living with my grandma where i had these dreams where she'd either try to kill me or mess my life up in some way, one i remember the most is where we were driving each others cars for some reason and she crashed mine, quite fruedian

    never had any ufo's try to abduct me tho, i think they know the weather's bad here =)

  2. *stupidly staring at monitor* ......and what this( " "... " ")means? they were not real? we talked with one guy from yer blog actually I think we're not sure..and it was like
    and I was like: yes
    and he was like : yes
    and only one thing but i was not sure why I saw the machines? and I don't want people to keep the belief in aliens.. like that ..saw something ? ok
    but I still want to watch at his ones ^ ^and show my ones to him lmao but maybe this never will happen

  3. I've changed my mind to posting this I've changed my mind if he wants he will come himself

  4. sound like its gonna be awesome too. i did have a recurring nightmare when i was a kid but im using in as a part of the story I'm writing now. i cant wait to make it. anyways it would be awesome to see hsm in a movie theater, i don't know about in San Jose but in Oakland, Berkeley, and sf there's lots of independent theaters. im sure you know that already, just thowing it out there.

  5. You can ask my friend who got very high two weeks ago by some stupid error he made at drinking something he didn't knew that was drug, he saw a lot of crazy things so i might ask him. By the way, good luck with your next film!, and i'm really excited for HSM :D!, even though i don't how will i see it cause i live kind of far .___., but i'm excited!, i bought both of your books and i'm really curious about how is it going to be like :).

  6. I live out on an Indian Reservation (We call it the Rez) and farther out there's an air base, so we see strange lights quite often, mostly in triangular shapes that are constantly equal distant. and I know a few people who have seen those black helicopters and those agents. they are usually in the mountains n uninhabited desert. and Phoenix isnt too far away so theres the famous Phoenix lights from the 90's.

    As a kid i always had this night mare where this really bony old man told me that if I ever stopped drawing that I would die, and it really freaked the shit out of me so from that day on I drew every day nonstop. now if i feel like im going to go crazy if I dont draw or anything, so i think it was a nightmare for the best :) another one I always had starts with me in the show but the water is icy cold, and when I pull the shower curtains over there would be a skinned dog standing on its hind legs in front of me, it had no eyes but I could tell it could see me, and it had that constant skeleton grin on its face. it would hold its paw out like it wanted something and point at the medicine cabinent. then a baby's cry would come out of it and it would begin leaking black oily stuff and the dog would try to keep it closed and make whining noises like it couldnt hold it shut for long. I would try to run out the door but I always woke up before I could turn the knob. so nowadays I love dogs and hate pharmisudicals o.o

  7. I had a reoccurring nightmare as a kid growing up at least once a week.

    I would be running through my neighborhood that I was living in at the time. There was no streetlights and no clouds, and the moon and stars always gave enough light to see by. The moon would be in a different state each night; full, recent, half.

    I was running from something that I couldn't see but I knew was coming. I always envisioned it as a shadow dog chasing me and chasing me. I wouldn't find anyone I knew until I got to my friends house and he had a watch tower with a flood light. I would run up to him and ask him to drop down a ladder but as he went to do it I would just know the thing was there. He would explode against the side of house in a spray of blood and I would run.

    The weird part was that the next part would play out slightly differently each time. The one time I remember specifically was that I was about to run into my own house but suddenly I remember that last time I tried that it got me as I tried to enter the garage. So I sprint and swerve off to my neighbors house across the street where I can see them in the windows now talking and laughing. I run into the garage and open the door to the house but once I step in there are no lights, no people, and no furniture.

    I would walk back out into the driveway and just stand there and I specifically remember saying "You got me again...I guess you are too smart for me." I would then hear the growling/barking noise and the view would turn from first person to the old school horror flick of the creature rushing up to me and just as it hit me I would wake up.

    So yea, that was the recurring nightmare I had as a kid.Probably around 11. Written from the remembrance of an adult so it might sound more sophisticated that when I thought about it back then...but some things just stayed with me.

  8. My recurring nightmare was a paralysis dream where I dreamed I was awake, but couldn't move. I would have to will myself to awakening using one of my arms. I would awake and my arm would fly up. It was a horrible feeling. had this for several years, but finally went away.

    I used to sleepwalk a lot, too. Dreamt I was in a very dense wood and the trees started surrounding me so that branches were brushing up against me. Tried to struggle through, but got trapped. Next thing I know a very bright light was shining in my face with a loud voice yelling at me. It was my dad and I had sleptwalked into the closet where all the winter coats were.


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