Stuff I was listening to while making Heart String Marionette

I was listening to a ton of Penderecki... his epic CRAZY stuff... also his Opera is awesome... if you can find the whole thing check it out... here's a snippet..

I was also listening to a ton of IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES... actually my very first "serious" short film I ever made used the ISN track ANGEL MEAT way back in like 1995 haha... A year or two I emailed the man from ISN Jouni and sent him a link to my short film FACE... it made me happy that the prince of darkness himself enjoyed it ^ ^

Watching the finished film now... its SUPER DARK AND MOODY... if Endika didn't get involved to bring in some other feelings besides PAIN, SUFFERING, ALIENATION, REGRET, TORMENT, SELF HATRED and DOOM this film probably would have been really depressing?! but luckily there's a little hope in it as well... JUST a little bit but it's there...

All the "happy ending" "everything is great in the end" films and the like rub me the wrong way... with so much pain and suffering in the world... with so many people being forced into the darkness... if I don't have that in my work then I can't resonate with those people... I can't try to show them the tiny beam of light in the darkness... the tiny speck of hope you can hold in your hand to help guide you through life without dying.... inside.