Thanks for helping me through another year yaLLs

As another year comes to an end... I would like to thank you all for your continued support and patience with this guy in this room full of computers whose new film is taking FUCKING FOREVER to be released 0_o

You are the only people who support what I do... no film organizations... no arts agency... no management... no studio... nothing and no one except you, my few friends and lil family.... all so I'd like to say thanks to you for sticking around from the bottom of my paper mache heart fer realS...

Now before the year is over what do you want me to make for you for Xmas? I WOULD LOVE to have it be HSM but I've done all the work I can on it my friends... it's in Endika's hands now... there's nothing more I can do...

So what do you want me to do before Xmas? Another episode of Badassery?  Video tutorials? Draw people Xmas cards again? Some other kinda random animation er somethin? Let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen!


  1. organize an effective marketing campaign ....

    seriously ... i'd love to see something new .. but more than that I would like to see HSM breakthrough to some kind of mainstream sucess (for your benefit)

    make lists, organize peoples
    in fact, follow your exact process for making films , but apply it to a story about how you are marketing HSM .........
    outline .. storyboard ... script ... then make it happen.


    or if you want you can make me a video for this ....

    muahahhahahh!!! later.

  2. I'd like to see more Badassery, or another series if you have one in mind! :D

  3. you should make something that takes place in the world of wats! o.o even a short thing,maybe even like in the far future of that world x3 idk

    or something completly original and crazy and everything! o.o make like a 5 minute movie :P

  4. a day in m dot strange's life documentary, some videotour of the most meaningful places of your life like when you were a child, or as the first guy said, make a campaign, build mdots street team

  5. I was going to say X-Mas cards but I like Yo's idea better ^__^

  6. I'm with Yo! Mdot's Weirdo Life! You covered a lot in your books, but I'd love to see what's happening Right now! Bums on the street. Mexican food. Endika's empty apartment. Your bike ride to ?.

    You are welcome, mDot. I'm so very happy to support an artist who is truly creative and on their own. I talk about you all the time to friends and people I meet. Stay crazy.

    (and, of course, Baddassery episode would make my spirits bright)

  7. don't spose you could get the official HSM trailer up by xmas?

    D64's idea would be totally awesome too, it'd be fun to see rain and ori in 3d and what heppened to them after wats

  8. I would love a HSM poster for Xmas!
    Or a We Are The Strange poster.
    I want a poster is what I'm tryin' to get at.

  9. i would have to say @yo s idea is great. a short m dot strange documentary would be great!also, if you havent already m, check out Gregg Araki's "Mysterious Skin", it is one of my favorites that involves aliens of sorts.

  10. re-skin Operative69 as Santa Claus and re-release Baddassery as a Christmas Special.

    ho ho ho

  11. an m dot documentary would be awesome. it would be cool if you posted the wats script too.

  12. behind the scenes, funny moments of technical process, like video funny calendar like you and endika making songs, thingy dubbing, animating

  13. Yeah Im with D64. Like a OVA featuring Rain and Ori. Maybe fighting HIM in hell.

  14. Oooh...that is a hard one. There is already some great ideas.
    An Ori and Rain after WATS short, or before WATS!
    Hmmm what to ask for? :)

  15. Hay M you should make a Fake audio add of the MEGA DICK spam poetry!
    All so ween the hell are you doing a new W.R.T.S. Radio show?
    i rely wish to call in!

  16. how do you model buildings in cinema 4d?

  17. you can give us that HSM song from the trailer for us to download, OMFG how i love that song! im constantly humming it at random times

  18. Another vote here for the Strangeness of M dot day-in-the life documentary.

    The Christmas cards were pretty cool last year, though.

    What might also be cool is some sort of short prologue to HSM. This way the fans get something to start their engines.


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