We all gotta start somewhere! Rewind to 2001

I'm posting this because my homie Tommy B. asked for it...

I realize if you're just starting out with your stuff seeing my work now can be a bit intimidating... BUT I've had TEN YEARS to hone my craft... aren't you interested in seeing where I started? What I was doing when I first started...

This is the first sort of "animated" thing I ever like seriously tried to make... its not very animated and its badly done at that haha... I had done some lil stopmotion things here and there but this was the first thing I did with sort of computer animation... YES ITS TERRIBLE haha but we all gotta start somewhere ^_^

So hopefully if yer just starting out you'll see this know that we don't all start out at a high level... I started out pretty much copying the cinematics from the NES Ninja Gaidens while using random 3d models of some Blue Anime girl... daleks... a skeleton and some other stuff... I made this with Poser 4 and After Effects with all the models downloaded from the free section of renderosity or stock Poser models themselves... So this is what I was doing in 2001...

Episode 9 is on the We Are the Strange DVD... this lil series led me to creating WE ARE THE STRANGE.... if ummm you can't see all the similarities and even the same characters ^_^

So yep we all gotta start somewhere and make a bunch of crap before we can do awesome work...so start out today telling your stories any way you can! AND if you keep working hard imagine where you will be in 5 years! In ten years!!! If you stick to it I'm sure you'll be doing awesome stuff so stick to it!!!!


  1. Hahahah I used that same blue hair on a girl I made in Poser 4. Hahahah.

    www. newgrounds.com/portal/view/31099

    Here was my 2001 attempt. It was a preview for a series I was working on.
    Here is an early fight scene as well


    What is funny about this scene is I there is a frame where the "genital" button was clicked and a giant penis is hanging down but so fast that no one sees it. It's embarassing.

    Two things this video does for me.
    Hopefully my end product can look as good as yours and be as immersive.

    Also it seems like I make a lot less than I used to make. I mean I would make silly cartoons all the time. I also didn't care how it looked, only that I made something and was having fun doing it. I think seeing your early work just got my creative juices flowing again.

    I swear everytime I feel like giving up making this cartoon I've been working on I see an M Dot post and it gets me going all over again. Thank you M Dot Strange.

    Also have you seen the Rosa short film. Now I know alot of it is cliche and all but I think the look was great especially considering he used Daz products and Blender to get it all together.

  2. brings me back to playing nes and snes in the early 90's. i think these are pretty awesome, like you said your self you have to start somewhere.

  3. yo mdot:



    Thanks d00d, gonna watch it right now! Soak up the inspiration!


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