So the end of Heart String Marionette is SO intense visually and musically as I was watching it I was picturing people vomiting and/or running out of the theater screaming and crying... of course the sicK fuX amongst you will enjoy it ^ ^

I'm not typing this to like pump up the film or anything as I was pretty shocked myself... I was like THIS IS FUCKING CRAZY?! The end of the film takes place in "hell" and it feels like going to "hell" as its SO DARK AND HEAVY ....

It's like no joke... its not like "this is a movie lets scare people a little when we go to "hell"... no lets literally take them to hell! It certainly isn't for everyone as its so emotionally and psychologically intense...

I know imma sound crazy but I will dare to say that HSM is a spiritual experience!

Think about how most major religions gained theY power.... through art and music... without the art and music what have you? Some weird d00d in a robe talking about shit you can't really relate too? Its the art like THIS that makes people feel some type of reverence as if the mythological people and events have some weight...

Where would catholicism be without art like this and classical music? In my opinion religion gains its power from art and music...without it, its NOTHING but random gibberish spewed by creepy old dudes in weird clothing....

So is HSM art and music for some type of religion?! Well no... BUT it does have its own mythology and there will be a fairy tale book based on the film that will come out in 2012... So our "bible" has a film and soundtrack that comes along with it haha.... Joseph Campbell talked a lot about how artists need to create NEW mythology for their generation as we're still caught up in OLD mythology we can no longer relate too... I'm just trying to create stuff that I can relate too... as there's nothing much out there I can relate too...

Can you relate to dying inside?


  1. yes, i definitely can. really looking forward to HSM. are you going to put out a new trailer soon? also recently i have been messing around with the free zbrush trail, I found it very easy to use and will be getting it as soon as i have 700$ for it. I'Ve been writing a story that i waneto make in stopmotion, but because of your films and trying out zbrush i want to learn cinema 4d now. anyways really looking forward to your new film, i check this blog atleast two times a day for years now. thank you.

  2. I haven't mentioned this for the years I've been a fan of your work, but it seems like this is a good time to bring it up. Not sure I can talk about it online without it sounding weird, but here we go:

    I'm not one to toss around labels, so I kind of hate the word "Christian" to describe myself, but it's been very interesting being a self-proclaimed follower of Christ and being a fan of your stuff. I don't know your past at all when it comes to religion, if you have/had one, or even if you think it matters at all, but I'd certainly like to hear more posts like this.

    Your style resonates with me deeply. It's radical, it's different, and you've always made a point to explain to your audience how we can achieve the same. I've built a lot of trust for you and have tried to get my friends interested in your work as well. I bought WATS day one, and still go back and watch it often. Not sure how I developed a love for the dark imagery you present since its a genre I've been raised to stay out of, maybe its because how how beautifully you do it! I remember that first trailer for WATS infiltrating my senses and beating my perception of the world around me into a pulp.

    But you've hyped HSM to be a terrifying film for me. There's this chord you're obviously trying to pluck this go-round, and I'm not sure if I want it to be plucked. Example: My reaction to Teaser Trailer 3: The Body Loves You.




    You want to know what dying inside is? It's that creeping force winning over your head, telling you everything you believe is false, taking your upbringing, your childhood, and stuffing it inside a nightmare, facing your belief you hold dear to and having it taken away from you, swallowed by the fires of hell itself.

    I'm not sure I should watch this movie since I'm already going insane just thinking about it.

    I trust you.

    Seriously. Looking forward to the film!

  3. love this post! i'm def pumped for HSM. i know it'll be well worth the wait. :D

  4. i just re-read my other post, and it was too rushed and to me it seemed like i was complaining about hsm not being out yet, i didnt mean to sound that way if thats the way you took it.i really cant wait for it to come out though. also based on things you've said about HSM i see that thare are simular themes in it and the story im writing now. mines definitely not a samurai, but i gt the impression from the you will die in side phrase,anyways i dont want to give my story away before i get a chance to share it with you when im done with the whole production, because you definitely inspire me to do so. i wanted to be a filmmaker/animator, but you showd me that it can be done diy. thats how i found this blog back in 2008 searching google like crazy for a diy full lenght animated film. thanks again m dot strange, kepp being awesome and making great art.

    ps, you should check out my art at
    if you want. let me know what you think if you do.

  5. there is no die inside.

    there are those that do no watch out of fear
    there are those that watch and react out of joking and/or criticism, they are not ready.
    there are those that are effected by it and shed another layer of skin.

    we are those people that will come out different,
    because we have done this a thousand times before.
    we are the brave and the strong.
    we are odd and unique.
    we are the strange.


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