"Perfectionism" will DESTROY you

I'm not a "perfectionist" when it comes to my art/creative work etc... I work hard to get to that %98 point then I put the thing out and move on to the next and that's worked for me so far to get shit done...

Now I do know some artistic/creative types who would fall into the whole "perfectionist" thing... and they have a really hard time FINISHING things... even STARTING things is difficult some times because they get the whole "I'm not ready to start yet?!" thing going... then if they do start here comes the whole "BUT am I ready to finish?!" thing...

Its REALLY frustrating to for me to watch this going on... as I know NOTHING is ever "PERFECT" and striving for perfection is striving for the IMPOSSIBLE... since its impossible you will NEVER FINISH... and if you will never finish then you will never complete anything... you will never make anything... so what does that make you? A halfway filmmaker? A halfway artist? A halfway musician?

I'm a sort of jump into the fire type... I do my absolute best on my work... but it gets to a certain point where I'm like ok I'm going to say this is done and put it out and see what happens! There's always risk involved... there's always chance... ALWAYS... there's NO WAY to make something a sure hit or success.. there's no way to make it "perfect" So why try?

If something is never "completed" then its always a work in progress.. so then it still has the POSSIBILITY* of being perfect... I think these people are AFRAID of having to admit that whatever they create is NOT perfect or that it won't live up to their expectations... and they are AFRAID of that...

Now that is a valid fear BUT the way I deal with that fear is say "well whatever I'll do better on the next thing I make" and then I move on and try to correct my errors...

I hope the perfectionists I know don't end up destroying themselves and their works.... and if you're one I really hope you don't either... Just get used to saying "It's not perfect but its MINE" that sense of ownership is enough for me to get over the fear and keep going! ^_^


  1. this is exactly what i've been needing to hear..
    i've been working on a script for a film i want to animate for like a year and a half now.
    it's really hard to know when to call it done, but i'm going to set a deadline for the end of the year.
    thank you for continuing to post words of advice and inspiration, mdot. you're a real hero!

  2. psychological test says that I'm a perfectionist and revolutionary personality, so:" I will fight for a perfect world" really this Ms. therapist was sure? Im not sure ( that is on my mind maybe o_0) but then I read on your blog, being not sure or am I perfectionist or not, I read: perfectionism is bad !and no longer I struggle just I relaxed and met a Buddhist monk lol
    but Im not correcting anything 0_o
    jokes away ohh I know you like want to stop them from being machines cos they kill imagination
    ...shhh.. they make a product..yes..it's a big secret I tell you and i was just a naive kid..Oh, mommy, look at that bumble bee in the Academy of arts in the basement is buzzing..loud sound of buzzing I hear, it gives birth to big amount of people-products, noone told me, they own a bumblebee, so I left it this year I just didn't want to make products, and my dean said:" you,bitch, if you ever come back to us again I will I will" I said I will commit suicide now shut up" I said:" yall don't love me" she said :"I can't love people I can only respect" (I can I can Ms. Robot doesn't love me) RIESPEKT then I said:" you don't respect me " she said:" I respect students who do wat is needed" I was looking at her as her mouth was opening and closing while she was yelling at noone at herself maybe and I saw clearly not a human
    they make product of people they want me to work on dat giant scary bumble bee
    ^ ^ well I just think it was a bad experience

    when friends were asking me wat has happened I didn't know how to describe this I could say only go ahead Ms.ElectronicUS to seizure the world !and repeat it twice( gossip is not very good, I understand her it hard to be a dean) but I don't want to make people blind

    hey yeah it's kingOfNarasuki sry I forgot I changed blogger name I can't change it back cos Im writing now a secret word

  3. you know whats funny, I took this advice and was going to run with it. I was going to make a small city in c4d. I wanted to make it on the simpler side and not overkill myself on quality.

    Take me almost an hour later, I had been building and deleting, tweaking, giving up, re-doing, a single building! Never happy with the results or even making a decent amount of progress. I realize these things take time sometimes, but this was getting no where fast and as i felt was surely not to get any further. So I eventually became distressed and saved it. Telling myself I would mess with the beveled rectangle of false stone, later on.

    Then I was watching a short by David Orielly, a man behind a few popular 3d short films ive seen and enjoyed.

    One of his trademarks is his preference towards imperfection and a low-poly style. As I was watching I was like "FOr all the extra work I've tried to do..and all the extra worry about making it the best..THis man took LESS then what I have tried to put into it in past trial and errors, he did less and made it more! The whole thing looked a lot nicer and didnt take as much fancy perfection to do so with..my own "perfection" still far from perfect and hardly even that good x.x

    long story short. I worry too much and get something messy, that instead reminds me it doesnt have to be the best. Just do your best. Dont make it industry best, just do your best like you said.

  4. you forgot to put at the beginning ...

    Dearest Endika ,

    HAHAHA ... jk brotha!

    seriously though .


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