Sharing some of your workS

A lot of creative people visit this blog... Here's links to a few of themS that I probably haven't posted before...

Ini is a young artist from Norway... she was the "2d production artist" for Heart String Marionette...check her stuff out here

Andrew is a young filmmaker from A_Merica who makes a bunch of wtF and often hellZA funny awkward videos like his Heart String Marionette video above ^_^ Andrew did a voice in Heart String Marionette and I did the music for his last short film. Check his youtube to see what the youth of today are doing GAWDDAMN KIDS (Old man voice with fist wave)

The homie who made this posted it in the comments of my last post and I thought it was tite so I's sharing it here... its his first feature and is currently in post production...nice work bruh!

I already knew this d00d Tyson was an awesome animator based on his past short films then I saw he is making this game?! d00d yer a GENIUS! Check out the Zombox blog for more

I don't know the d00ds who made the game but I'm always on AIM with the d00d who did the animation as he's a weirdo who also uses Cinema4d+Zbrush+After Effects... I'm looking forward to his upcoming feature film which should be pretty fucking crazy ^_^

I secretly cyber stalk all yall who email me and stuff... so I've been watching you Kial! This video made me lol harD ^_^

There's lots more peeps and stuff to post but I don't want all the embeds on this post to kill the scrolling... keep being awesome peoples!


  1. You ALWAYS cyberstalk people who e-mail you?
    i'm ok with this.

  2. this is my favorite post this year.


  3. I do like how I inadvertently made it into this post ^^ Thanks Andrew ;-D

  4. Woah...dude...thanks for the shout out!


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