Congrats to the IRON SKY team!

Those crazy Finnish d00ds premiered their new film IRON SKY today at the Berlin Film Festival! I'm sure it was awesome!

I met the director Timo at SXSW in 2008 and we talked Nazi secret societies and the like....

And in 2012 Timo and his team BUST out this!!!!

I think its really great and a big step for independent film... as their previous film STAR WRECK was made in basements, kitchens, and bedrooms in Finland and was released online for free before a successful DVD release... then they partnered up with some peeps and got a 15 million dollar budget to make IRON SKY and now here it is...

They really got their stuff together and made it happen... I remember back in 2008 they already had suitE looking postcards and promo stuff for the film... we can learn a lot from the way they handled Iron Sky!

Sometimes I wish I had a real budget, a producer and a team of people to help me but I'm such a jerkoff I never made that stuff happen AND I don't want to work with Hollywood... Hmmm since I'm in Iceland all the time maybe I should change my name to M dottir Strange and try to work with the Icelandic film industry hmmmmm ^_^


  1. Been following this movie about as long as I've been following you ( :

  2. Great googly moogly. That thing looks like a big HWood movie but on a 15 million dollar budget.
    This looks awesome. Fun concept


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