Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast Episode 2

Here's episode 2 of the podcast...

This episode features Screamerclauz, James Id and M dot Strange

Please post any questions you want us to answer next time... if we forgot your question this time we'll get to it next time ^ ^


  1. i have a few questions for you awesome dudes! you remember having any imaginary friends as a kid?
    2.if so then are any of them still around?
    3.what was the best/worst experience you have had working with another person
    4.ever have any paranormal encounters?

  2. Awesome stuff as always. Couple of things from me as well:
    1) Is there like, an "official" uberector community, or do we just happen to randomly find each other's blogs and sites and things.
    2) My big problem right now is voice work...I am all ready to buy some gear and try and hire/find people to record dialogue for do you go about doing that, where do you look, and how do you sweeten the deal?
    3) I really dream about my film in HD, but AACS is some bullshit, discuss.

    Thanks guys, yer awesome.

  3. Just listened to episode 1 today, looking forward to the second :)

  4. Zephyr. Network dood. Make friends with people on the internet and they'll help you out when they can. That kinda goes along with your first question. Great cast Strange and Jimmy!

  5. Andrew, aye, been trying to do that. I think I'll stir up more interest in the VA community at large when I have some visuals to show for it. Already have some friends who are willing to give it a shot so they're going to come hang out for a week and record stuff later this year.

  6. For the next episode
    I would like ALL of you to list your top 10 favourite films.

    HOWEVER none of the ones in the list can be anything anyone in the episode has created.
    : )

  7. bawww i said you used the hover boat from half life 2 not the submarine

    you never listen to me D:
    im kidding XD

    Love the show

  8. Hey everyone, you can get some of the DAZ Studio programs that M dot, Jimmy, and James talk about for FREE right now.

    Now you have no excuses- start working!


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