Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #4 w/Emily Youcis

Here is episode 4

On the show this week our your hosts James Id, Jimmy ScreamerClauz and M dot Strange.

Our special guest is Emily Youcis... creator of the Alfred's playhouse short films and all around weirdo/awesome person ^ ^


  1. Great show guise and girl. A few questions/comments for the next ep:

    -How often do you seek out local exposure for your stuff? Conventions, panels, gallery shows, college art department showings?

    -Have you ever hit a low, so low that you just wanted to quit film making? If you did, how did you overcome it?

    -What has been your best moment so far in filmmaking?

    -Anyone ever seen "Kin Dza Dza?" it is one of my top 10 movies of all time. It's this Russian "cyberpunk" movie from the 80's, but it's more like rustpunk? It's awesome, I highly suggest it.

  2. i have a few questions
    -what was the biggest misconception about filmaking and how did you learn it?
    -what kinds of legal stuff do you need to go through to copyright your films/characters/and all that?
    -what makes an interesting character to you?
    -what makes an interesting setting to you?

  3. This is a good show, and it's needed as there are few podcasts made by animators.

    Have you guys ever made a site or put the podcast in iTunes/Zune Marketplace? It would make it easier to pass the podcast along to other people. Like, "Go here and check out all the episodes."

    1. I just submitted it to Itunes today... as soon as its validated and active I'll post the link here... thanks and best!

    2. Here it is...

  4. I guess my question is kinda techy how do you personally create / use your textures? I see 3d models of humans for example, where the whole human, clothes and all, was made on one or a few textures. when for me, I'd have a seperate selection for the skin, shirt, pants, etc and would apply a seperate texture to each selection..


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