"Guru's" or procrastination enablers?

If I followed the advice of most all of the "guru's" in the independent filmmaking and animation world I wouldn't be making anything at all...

If I wanted to go out and shoot a live action film I mean I couldn't with a $500 DSLR?! NO WAY not with rolling shutter... yep gotta get a RED or something else HELLA EXPENSIVE.. OH and its NOT a full frame sensor YEH can't make a masterpiece without a full frame sensor... H.264 compression?! NOPE no way you can make a good film with that kind of compression... gotta have some 4:4:4 uncompressed raw shit...

Because you know when you show people your film devoid of any originality, character, emotion or anything compelling at all EXCEPT for the TECHNICALLY PERFECT images they're going to remember your empty perfect image sequences forever as one of their favorite demo reels ever! OOPS I meant film!

Oh wait... these d00ds are PAID by camera/gear manufacturers to pimp the expensive shit to convince wannabe filmmakers to buy all they crap.... oh yehhhhh... and most all of em aren't making anything at all except demo reels and commercials disguised as "films"... don't listen to these SHILL's

They also are procrastination enablers... instead of going out and doing something today they convince people to WAIT until they have the "proper gear"... since most wannabe creative people are HUGE procrastinators THEY LOVE IT a GREAT MANY EXCUSES!... and the cycle continues...

If you do some tests and it works for you... DO IT... ignore all the OH NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT people out there because in the end they just want to sell you some shit.. whats new? 0_o

And if your doing 3d animation don't forget that "Pixar quality"! If it's not Pixar quality it doesn't count!

Soon enough ALL the technical hurdles will be shattered and then anyone with rudimentary technical skills will be able to create technically perfect 3d animation or live action video... so when its all "perfect" technically why would anyone want to watch any of it?

There must be something else to this whole making films thanG other than the technicalities?

Never forget that.


  1. Amen! Go spend a hundred bucks on a flip camera and start cranking that shit out. Excuses are for the inexperienced!

  2. Too true M! - Looks like I'ma making 'Static' on a Sony NEX 5N and awesome hacked (to carry the extra weight) Steadicam Smoothee - got the link from this awesome blog called Cheesycam that is all about cheap tools & getting more with less (and howz this fer weird, the dude who runs it is called Emm!)



    This is the d00d to go to if you want to find great alternatives to expensive crap that is pushed by shills!


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