Seems I'm not alone in my hatred for Hollywood

I'd like to attend this conference in the future as I've known what damage Hollywood has been doing to the world over the years... That's why if YOU have a different perspective than what Hollywood promotes and perpetuates you've got to get YOUR FILMS OUT THERE! If you want to make the same type of crap that Hollywood makes..... go eat a dick! Several in fact ^_^

We need NEW STORIES... NEW PERPECTIVES.... NEW VOICES... who know suP with the game Hollywood has been running WHO DON'T BOW TO THE SAME MASTERS and DO NOT PERPETUATE THEIR BULLSHIT!


  1. I can support a hatred of Hollywood for how much they love to assign stereotypes, gender roles, and mistreat actors.
    I would also like to state, since I am an illustrator not film maker, I have just as much hate for the current comic companies that perpetuate the exact same things while constantly shafting their workers and people who want to publish original ideas.
    All things which I have been learning I need to fight against. And fight hard.


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