Understanding the SCAM that is the film business

Thanks to my homie Stormko out there for always sending me links to interesting things... now I finally understand how the film business works.... check out these episodes of THE CRITICAL PATH podcast HERE and HERE

I know I'm dumb and slow for not figuring it out sooner but what do you expect?  I'm drawing monsters and pushing pixels all day and night ^ ^

So in a nutshell... for tax evasion purposes and to screw people out of royalties... on the books NO FILM EVER MAKES A PROFIT... the more it makes the more they bill production expenses etc... the more the producers pay themselves...

So the bigger the budget... the more the schmucks in the suits with no real talent pay themselves... BUT before Kickstarter if you wanted to raise a budget you HAD to work with the talentless schmucks in the suits... and now you don't ^ ^

YES if you want 100 million gotta go to the schmucks...but if you want 100 thousand maybe you can do it on your own with your audience using something like Kickstarter? I certainly hope to do something like that in the future...

The d00d in the podcast thinks VC is the future of film production... sounds good to me! The further it moves away from Hollywood and the closer it moves to Silicon Valley THE BETTER!

There's MUCH SMARTER people in Silicon Valley than there is in Hollywood... Hollywood is all cronyism and nepotism and fellatio ^_^ They just throw money at theY problems there... the geniuses here in Silicon Valley actually use theY minds and solve problems... once the people in Silicon Valley realize THEY DON'T NEED TO SUCK HOLLYWOOD's OLD PASTY DICK or bow down to any OLD MEDIA...its game over...

Hollywood is a rotting corpse that doesn't know it's dead yet... they can bribe all they want and pull all theY cronyism strings with ACTA, PIPA, and SOPA etc... but they're just delaying the inevitable.

It's the CREATIVE PEOPLE that give Hollywood its power... once those creative people leave and find much better ways to create and distribute and make a living what will it have? A catalog of old crap people are tired of watching? Reality show feature films?

So if your a creative person waving your ass in the air waiting for old Hollywood to mount you and bust a nut full of gold coins up in yer shit ask yourselves this... is being fucked by dying old men what you really want to do?


  1. Just finished listening to the first one. It's kind of sickening to think that they could just take the money it costs to make just a handful of these movies and change the world for the better. I'm done giving them my cash.


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