What do you want the Forever Alone Filmmaking podcast to be?

Since making the new podcast is a fun thing to do AND since there isn't much at all out there for SOLO 3d animators making THEIR OWN films we're going to make more of course...

As it goes along further.. we'll make it a legit podcast that shows up in Itunes and all that... and have show notes/related links/files... and guests and all that...

Since yall are the ones listening to it and hopefully working on your own projects I'd like to know what you want from it?

My homie Josh emailed me and thought that we should make a forum for the show so interested peoples could discuss the topics there and help each other and the like...sounds like a good idea to me... what's the best way/place to do that these days?

Since Jimmy, James and I use Cinema 4d and After Effects...maybe we could share and discuss project files on the show? new techniques and tricks etc... then make them available to the listeners? Just an idea I had...

So yeh please let me know what yall think and hopefully we can make this show a helpful resource for forever alone filmmakers now and in the future.


  1. I like the podcast because it goes into the more technical aspects of the software and how to solve certain issues.

  2. a forum would be a good place to start, something on google or some shizz that won't disappear forevers like the rustboy or killer bean forums did once the guy got tired of administering it.

  3. How would everyone feel about a tumblr account where anyone can reply/post? BBS is so late 90s.

  4. I seriously wish you had a forum! That would be great. I remember one time there was a great little forum started by Shockanime aka Nelxon X. He was the guy who did that cool Flash animation called Genryu's Blade. I think he inspired a ton of folks to make their own animated series.

    It seemed like everyone on that forum was working on a cool project. THere was a lot of momentum and a lot of project nurturing. Lots of collaborating and helping each other out with voice acting, art, animation, etc. I think at the time it had great momentum but then Nelson had to shut it down. I was sad.

    A good forum with great momentum would be good to have, at least one where we could discuss indie animated films and share each others progress on a more personal level. Ask questions to you veteran filmmakers but then help others become veterans.

    We even started on a Joined Artist book.

  5. dave u should join the podcast, your a forever alone film maker too

    1. Yeh already got Dave planned as a guest...and HEY I see that yer making some suitE animations yourself so we gotta have you on some time eh bro? ^_^

    2. thanks =) i don't think i'd be able to do the podcast thing now, i've been interning at a museum where im making a game and finishing school at the same time but it'd be a lot of fun to do in the future

  6. I care less about technicalities of animation and what not than I do your views on certain things and just hearing you all talk about life, etc. I REALLY enjoyed last episode where you each talked about your favorite or most replayed and beloved films.

  7. You should interview the dudes that made The Taint.

  8. Really enjoying them so far! Forum would be good.

  9. Thanks, Mdot! Being called your homie is truly an honor. =)

    I would love a community to build around forever alone film making. I've always thought of doing a "wiki" style page to keep track of everything I've learned about video making. At the moment I just make short videos, and I'm trying to learn After Effects. I want to be the best film maker I can be, and it would be awesome if we could all have a place to share and learn from one another.

    Keep up the good work, guys- you may not know it (and maybe you do), but many of us here seriously look up to you.

  10. You guys are doing a great job with the podcast...such good info. One of my favorite things to do is watch special features and making of stuff from movies while I'm working, and this podcast in addition now keeps me (in)sane at work all day so I can come home and work on stuff.

    I think a forum would be a fantastic idea as well...where we could update each other and get moral support as well as share techniques and insights.

    Do any of you guys know Jeff Lew? Could you get him as a guest? That would be cool.


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