Darksided is pretty dark stuff eh? I guess I've had short film ideas like this for awhile but was always censoring myself for some reason... so I censor self no more... I don't know if thats good or bad 0_0

On the HSM tip I met with Endika this week and he expects to have the music all wrapped up by the end of March...

I'm making shorts like DARKSIDED and BADASSERY so I can put somethin out while waiting for HSM... they are NOTHING like HSM but I need to keep creating to stay happy/healthy and I hope some peoples found these things interesting...


  1. This is awesome man. Really twisted, I think the hardware renders add a really appropriate/interesting aesthetic to the stories of Darksided.

    Really enjoying the podcasts too, fucking great!


    1. Thanks! Glad you like em! Will keep kicking out the short films till HSM is ready and will keep doin podcasts every week... thanks for watching and listening!

    2. I agree with Krystian, the 3D rendering really makes the mood even more twisted. These are horror-sex-noir shorts that make you flinch at times. Love your voice acting and the music is very, very well done.

      And that's great news about HSM. Fingers crossed for Endika to finish this month.

    3. Glad you like em Ricky! Yeh lets hope this month is it!


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