Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #5 w/Edgar Nielsen

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This weeks guest is animator Edgar Nielsen aka Funymony... Ed's an awesome animator and all around awesome d00d... he talks about how/why he got into animation and share's some drawn animation insight with the 3d guys on the shoW.


  1. awesome podcast m dot, I laughed my ass off when you said you guys were gonna get sued for saying my full name.. I though it was gonna be a lot harder for you guys to name your favorite American animation, but knew there had to be something there, you guys like the same animation i like. but was wondering because of the same point you guys brought up in this podcast about American's not taking animation seriously, and just wanted to know what "cartoons" animators that take animation seriously, that are from America think of past animation.your answers were what i expected, but that's definitely not a bad thing. anyways awesome podcast as always and still looking forward to hsm.

  2. I spit out my milk when mdot said "stick genocide"

  3. m dot, can you delete my last post and this one, i'm gonna make a new user name and will repost. thank you

  4. Awesome podcast. A writing episode is a great idea. Here are some questions:

    1) Do you actually write down the first things that come to your mind? Because I know that my first ideas are usually banal, obvious clichés.
    2) How long do you let yourself tinker on a screenplay until you finally say: "Enough! Got to make this now!"
    3) I'm getting into blender right now. Do you have any experiences to share?

    Thanks guys & greetings from Deutschland,

  5. been loving the podcast, have you ever seen the short film back water gospel?
    there's a really cool technique that can get really good 2d looking results that that film uses.
    i replicated it by setting my materials to not respond to any kind of shading at all, then texture it the way you want and then just composite it into an actual 2d background.

    maybe i should take you up on being on the podcast as a guest or something since i actually started learning how to animate on toon boom, then switched to 3d when i discovered blender. i could maybe talk about some of the differences 2d and 3d or something

  6. writing episode sounds very very good.
    i pre-ordered where the dead go to die on VHS and i got an email saying it shipped like 2 days ago so im psyched for that too!
    it would also be great to hear what moments in each of your lives have been most strange, emotional, cathartic, or out-of-body and how you use your art to relive and communicate those moments with others.

    the podcast is thoroughly entertaining, keep it up!

  7. Questions for next week!

    -Have any of you seen the 2011 film called "The Woman"

    -How do/have your relatives reacted to your work?

  8. Great Podcast. Listened to it while I was out walking the dog. Who was that girl that you interviewed? And what was her cartoons on newgrounds called?

    Also MOCAP is cool. For me it helps me tell a story faster and at the same time kind of gives it that weird look to it especially on stylized characters. On stylized characters it is awesome.

    Speaking of quick solutions. Mixamo . com autorigs your character for you with Mocap in mind. I love the autorig. It is fun to pop on one of your characters to get an idea of it's movement. Oh and they give the rig to you for free, the motions they try to sell you are the things that cost money.

    Oh and you talked about a puppet, that would be freaking cool. There is one they are making in Japan. It is called a Quma. No idea when it will be out though.

    Anyways, keep up the podcasts. Other folks I'd love to see you chat with.

    James Farr of Xombified. His DVD was next to yours at "I Love Video" in Austin.
    Tyler Gibb of
    Terrence Walker of Studioartfx
    Rick Marin of Primal Instincts

    I think you really have something cool with this podcast. Loved it on my IPod

  9. Great podcast MasterDot, talking about time consuming tasks I would like to know how do you guys solve the lip sync. Is there any equivalent in C4d to Toonboom where you make seven mouth positions and the software reads and assigns the shapes, or do you do it "by hand"?


  10. @shawn

    the answers are Emily Youcis, Alfred's Playhouse and But that was episode 4 not 5 haha! :)

  11. sry 2 more questions:

    -In what ways have your working habits shifted since you started the "Forever Alone Podcast"?
    (as in have you taken any advice, work habit suggestions, plugins, etc

    -In a generic sense, how would you guys suggest making partnerships for certain essential tasks that make your work much more professional looking (like Mdot did with Endika) Is it too risky to form partnerships over the internet (idea theft) & always better to meet somewhere (like a convention)? Have you ever been to conventions with people looking for things like that?


  12. Also, would be fantastic to have an episode on every step of filmmaking. So one for writing, storyboard/animatic, concept art/preproduction, animation, editing, sound/foley etc.
    Are you planning anything like this?

  13. I would love a writing episode! I worry about that stuff more than anything really.

    Also for a question..

    What is it like with friends and family now that youve made works like this? Do you include them in that part of your life and what are their reactions if so?


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