Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #6 w/Kial Natale

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This weeks guest is filmmaker Kial Natale who is known for his MEGASTEAKMAN youtube channel. 

Screenwriting is the topic of discussion after teh guest.


  1. Subbed to their Youtube. Right the fuck on gentlemen.

  2. mdot has made some, mostly subtle, cracks at filmmakers/video artists like matthew barney (one video on M's channel he is sarcastically talking about dumping buckets of vaseline and filming it, or something along those lines, I assumed he was referring to Barney). What does everyone think of Barney's work, if you are all familiar? (Drawing Restraint 9, The Cremaster Cycle films, the section he directed in Destricted (along with Marina Abramovic, Larry Clark, and Gaspar Noe among others). also, have any of you seen clark's "ken park" if so id like to know what you all thought.
    anyways this is getting a bit off the point and long for the podcast, but i would like to say that the synchtube film screening with listeners sounds like a really good idea!

  3. I'm not a fan of Matthew barney's work. I hate to sound anti intellectual because i assure you i'm not, but it just seemed drawn out and asinine. I've been led to understand that his work the cremaster cycle films contain references to ancient symbols etc. but it doesn't work at all on my level. And drawing restraint was just too formal for my tastes.

    I've also seen Ken Park, and while there were parts to it i enjoyed(the intro), overall it was quite... shit.

    But yeah synchtube would be amazing. Totally down for that business.

  4. I'll give my full opinion next podcast but yeh Matthew Barney's work is a sham and total shit in my opinion... it sucks as a "film" and it sucks as "art" and if his girlfriend wasn't Bjork no one would take another look at his garbage but I suspect since she is viewed as a "creative" and "innovative" artist then her boyfriend must have some relevance as well... but I think not.

    Have never seen Ken Park so I just watched the trailer... not my cup of tea.

    Back to "film art" or whatever that Matthew Barney type crap is supposed to be... people that don't know art from the hole in theY ass are fooled into believing that crap is anything other than crap... BUT ask someone who holds it down for art and they'll tell you what it really is.

  5. Oh good I have opinions on both Ken Park and the Cremaster Films! Haven't seen Drawing Restraint yet though

  6. great great!!!!!!!
    very excited! sometimes my favorite parts of the podcasts are when you guys are just talking about other films and art


  7. also it would be cool to know what some of your favorite commentary tracks from the extras of movies are

  8. gah, my comments have been eaten by the void of the innernet like twice now.
    hey mdot, keep up this podcast its really awesometastic. anyway i had a few questions for you c4d screencast show. c4d how do you bake AO?

    2. what do you do to get your characters to look like they fit into the scene after youve baked out you AO

    3. i know you mainly use cactus Dans tool's but could you go over any rigging tips with the mocca module

    and i even have general questions
    1. mdot you've worked with both live action and 3d, when adding visual effects in something like after effects how does live action footage differ from 3d?

    2. a question for y'all on the podcast, how do you react to ppl seeing your films and commenting on it both positive and negitive

    BTW mdot if you ever would like to learn blender i actually make personalized tutorials for it, heck if theres anyone that wants to learn about using blender send tutorial requests my way and ill make them

  9. Question
    (didn't get answered last time)

    - In a generic sense, how would you guys suggest making partnerships for certain essential tasks that make your work much more professional looking (like Mdot did with Endika) Is it too risky to form partnerships over the internet (idea theft) & always better to meet somewhere (like a convention)? Have you ever been to conventions with people looking for things like that?


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