Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #8 w/Ricky Grove

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This weeks guest is veteran film, tv, and theater actor Ricky Grove. Ricky talks about how directors can better prepare themselves to work with actors and give lots of insight into the art of acting. Check out Ricky's imdb page here. Ricky plays LORD WOR in my upcoming feature film HEART STRING MARIONETTE.

Ricky was nice enough to prepare this machina info for yall.....

Machinima is 3D movie making in a real-time engine. It began about 15 years ago in the Quake mod community when someone realized
they could "hack" the 1st person camera and create a 3rd person view. Since then it has evolved into a fairly sophisticated animation from
with many game companies releasing the tools they used to make the game with in order to facilitate machinima creators. Games like World
of Warcraft, Half Life, Unreal and Second Life all provide excellent platforms for creating machinima. 

The advantages of machinima are that you already have characters, props and sets to work with as they come directly from a game. Plus,
the lighting, rendering occurs in real time so there's no waiting for rendering. The disadvantage is that the game company owns these materials
and you won't be able to sell your film commercially. 

To counter the copyright issues and to make it easier to create machinima, several software companies have sprung up in the past few years that
cater to the machinima filmmaker. Moviestorm, iClone, Muvizu and Xtranormal are all companies that allow you to use their software to specifically create
machinima. Some are free and some cost money. 

In order to provide a community for machinima filmmakers who are serious about using machinima as a form of self-expression, I've been involved
in a virtual machinima film festival called the Machinima Expo for the last 4 years. Filmmakers from all over the world submit their films for prizes. Then
in November, the 3 day festival screens the films, provides programming and promotes communication with machinima enthusiasts. 

A quick list of interesting machinima films would include:

Early Classic Machinima films like "Apartment Hunting"

The Wizard of OS by Tom Jantol

Person2184 by Friedrich Kirschner

The Beast by Lucien Bay

Male Restroom Etiquette by Phil Rice

Push by Lainy Voom

gEISHA by Pritam Jaykar

Unheimliche by Pierre Gaudilere

More info on the Machinima Expo 2012 is here