I'm writin movies- what do you want me to write about?

I'm hanging out in Iceland for another month writing... I've written scripts for two feature films this past month and I want to write three more in the next month... the last one I wrote was some erotic horror schlock with monsters/aliens and teh sex..... I'm going to write a bunch of scripts and throw em out there to producers etc.. but yeh what do you want me to write movies about?

Lemme know and I'll totally do it... I'm not tryna steal yer movie ideas or anything like that.. just throw some topics out there for instance... alien abduction horror... or black magic secret society orgy club killers... just stuff you want to see in movies/movies about...

Writing "normal" movies to me is like a game... its kinda fun to get all the pieces in place and play with them... it doesn't cost anything to write a movie and it can only help make you a better writer so imma bust more out... let me know what you think I should write about...thanks!


  1. I'm interested how does others imagine a perfect Utopia. For me it's a quiet, sparsely populated world with vast flatlands. People live as XIX century nobles but instead of servants they have machines that do all their work. Most of their free time they sacrifice to creating art, better machines and discovering secrets of nature. New planets are being discovered and made habitable.

    So, that's my idea. Show us your Utopia. Not to make too boring, let's say Utopians discover our imperfect World.

  2. Write a futuristic dystopian fiction. not neccesarily sci-fi technology etc. But Mdot's dark and sinister look on how our society might turn out if we progress the way we have. Inspirational sources could be Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"

    Glad to see you're still working hard!
    let us know when you're in need for subtitles for HSM
    Support and gratitude from Norway

  3. Zombie comedy. Or a zombie anything. But make it new and original cause that shits played out.

  4. I would say first of all to write whatever you feel inspired to write at any given time. As long as you continue to put a lot of love for what you do into your stuff, I'll still love whatever you make. ^_^

    But for the sake of giving you an actual answer to your question- you said something a few months ago that your next animated feature after God Lives Underwater was going to be your cyberpunk epic. This idea greatly interests me, as I'm super excited to see what a "Strangepunk" film would be like. ^_^ I also agree with the person above me though, it would be very interesting to have it set in your version of what a dystopian society would be.

    Like I said above though, write whatever you feel inspired to write. As I often say to people, as long as you love what you do, you can do no wrong.

    Anyways, super excited about HSM! I will do just about anything to see it when it's finished. And I will share with all of my friends.

    Best of luck,
    Andy Ginseng (Ryan Emerson).

  5. "The world needs a movie, a call to action, that inspires people to pick up guns and put bullets in the black hearts of dangerous men and women. Your blog inspires people to make movies. Make a movie that inspires people to shoot guns. " - Ken Kaniff from Connecticut

  6. Funny that you should ask this because I was thinking to email you and tell you that it would be really cool to see an M dot StrangE Halloween film. Dark, foggy neighborhoods with goblins and witches and jack-o-lanterns and crows and kids in costumes. All with a brand spanking new M dot soundtrack.

    Hey, even if it wasn't a feature, maybe it could be an M dot StrangE Halloween special that could act as an alternative or companion to the Halloween specials we all grow up with.

    All Hallow's StrangE

  7. "strangepunk"

    That's kinda cool.

  8. The other day while leaving work I was chasing after a co-worker and good friend of mine. As I turned the corner I was struck. Not by an idea, but by electricity. Lighting to be specific. Shock took over (quite literally) and I stared ahead to see my co-worker and good friend staring back at me, not so equally, but still, shocked.

    Suddenly my body turned to a black crisp, and I shattered into the ground like a dry leaf. My newly formed body of dust began to melt. And merge. I formed a puddle of black goo. Thicker than oil and blacker than nothingness. I could feel my energy pulsing up toward the clouds and I formed a molten, gooey fist and punched skyward.

    I appeared to tear my way out of this puddle of mud, but I was really trans mutating from my own gooey center.

    Things haven't been the same between my co-worker and good friend since he witnessed my oily rebirth. I've destroyed the world for him but he still won't love me.

  9. you should pen video game stories into workable scripts ...the stories are there already and hollywood is DYING for people with skill to transform games into quality movies.

    Metal Gear Solid
    Shadow of the Collosus
    Legacy of Kain (collection)

    are some of my favorites....

  10. I'd say write about what bothers you most. For me, it's the energy/food crisis. Food could be really interesting: What if instead of causing infertility and organ failure, GMO's actually mutated people? Oryx and Crake is an amazing example of a narrative based around unregulated genetic tampering: it's a difficult thing to weave larger issues into a fulfilling, personal narrative, but Oryx had it in spades.

  11. A horror movie, set in the 1980's, about a serial killer who works in a video rental store, and he kills people that return their tapes without rewinding them. With the obvious title: Rewind.

  12. Can I put more than one comment of more than one idea?
    In all seriousness, zombies are way the hell played out. People having guns to massacre others only makes them dangerous as well. Not much of a difference, as seen throughout history.

    This is kinda hard to say, a story to M dot Strange himself, it goes into so many directions, aaaaahh! Make a very spiritual film, exposing the ruse and deceit of the authorities as one girl (though she's not alone, despite her not realizing it yet) starts waking up and realizing what the things around her really are all about. She see what everyone else sees, but she understands what everyone else does NOT. Then she ends up experiencing what everyone else are unable to. This movie, full of M dot Strange symbolism, serious but quirky, dark and real, but dreamy and surreal. A highly intense, emotional story full of intellect. It is a Union. Between the psychological and the paranormal. It is a Union.

    This is not my only idea I have for you if you don't mind. You don't have to take it of course, no doubt you would take elements of our suggestions into consideration. This is fun to me! :O)

  13. How about a old wizard that cruises in a citadel cathedral eske Zeppelin over this land that forbids magic. The rituals are time consuming and taxing.The wizard is getting old and some of the demons he summoned are overzealous in the construction of his flying fortress and are overbuilding it so it weighs too much and also getting the demons to blow enough hot air to keep it afloat is a pain not to mention the cities he fly's over are try to bring him down to put him on trial and poison the minds against him( ex: sacrifices kids when he really doesn't). The rituals are time consuming and taxing and hes super old.

  14. Sorry for writing that hes old a million times, Kinda thinking of the Shakespeare Prospero Archetype. I just did some delving and heres what I copy pasted- Shakespeare also borrowed heavily from a speech by Medea in Ovid's Metamorphoses in writing Prospero's renunciative speech; nevertheless, the unique combination of these elements in the character of Prospero created a new archetype, that of the sage magician as a carefully plotting hero

  15. Games that should still exist: Hellraiser Video Game. Someone make that shit. I want to be in a horrible moment in the past (maybe make a character in old school France or something) and I want that character to slowly travel to Hell to become a cenobite. You overthrow Pinhead and become the boss of the cenobites. Final boss, The Doctor dude from Hellbound. Andrew Gilliland/Clive Barker Copyright 2010

    ALSO: Someone needs to do an accurate adaptation of the Resident Evil games. You could even have the colors and sets be bright and vibrant like in the original games. None of this CGI bullshit either. I want some fucking licker and hunter body suits.

    Someone hire me.

  16. Movie about a plane crash (small plane) in Northern Canada set in the 1980s during the summer time. Four people survive by excaping from the fuselage after it crashes in a lake everyone else drowns or dies on impact. They decide not to wait around as they might starve in days and instead head west as one of them believes they are close to flin flon(?). As the story goes on they start getting killed with no idea of who is the culprit among the four.

    The movie follows each character for parts/chapters of the film (maybe from 1st person perspective). Before 1st following a character there is a backround story shown. Not a overview type of story but one specific encounter they had in the past. The 1st half of the movie would have these parts. Not wanting to have the 1st one of the four getting picked off before at least 3 stories have been told. 2nd half could jump around a little more rather then having segments of the film devoted to one character.

    I was thinking characters could be teenagers heading to secluded camp that is exclusive/expensive for the summer maybe somewhere around candle lake(?)

    Basically its a who done it thriller were you don't know even though you have followed the characters for a good amount of time. In the end the thing that is killing them is not one of them but a outside force/person or maybe even the pilot who crashed the plane on purpose (????)

    I don't know if this is a good idea? I had this movie in my head since HS. I think it maybe a little to rooted in reality for your tastes.

  17. no blogs for weeks, no output for weeks, 2nd significant absence from the web in as many months .... awwwww crap ....

    mdot is in a relationship....
    goodbye productivity!

    lol .. jk bro. (wink)



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