Awesome looking trailer for "CYCLE"

Found this posted on cgtalk... seems it's made by one guy and he used Cinema 4d for the 3d stuff... I think it looks awesome and has a suitE cyberpunk vibe too it... yall in London should check out the premiere

I think we're gonna see more and more tite indie stuff like this as real artists get theY hands on the new affordable accessible tools out here.... I think its great... I need more unique films too watch ^_^


  1. Looks very well made, there's a lot of '2001' clips in there, I think I spotted 4, perhaps it's an homage or something.

  2. The CGSociety forums (aka the Complain and Gripe Society >:) had a recent thread about Uberectors:

    It even made the top 5 threads in their email newsletter that I get ;)

  3. a found footage '2001'? it certainly looks interesting.

    i feel bad about the comment i posted on yer blog about endika sorry (just antsy to see yer movie thats all)

    @ David T. Krupicz, i've been wondering if you'd be interested in collaberating on a small blender project since i see you recently picked up the program. i was breezin' through that cgsociety post too just for a few seconds and man complain and gripe society is right.

  4. don't know if I just missed this .. but did you know that "We are the Strange" is for sale/rent on Playstation Network?

  5. That looks totally interesting. I thought it was all or mostly CGI lol, well it still looks like an animated film, but a great one.

    @Variant that's awesome if We Are The Strange is on PSN! It's about damn time. :O)

  6. woops, slow me! Xo It is an animated film! The way you said it @M dot Strange made it sound like it was live action with plenty of CG, but from looking into it, it's straight up 3D CG. It looks spectacular, and I just love the creator already, I'm already captivated!! 8D


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