Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast #9 w/Victor Bonacore

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The special guest on this episode is Victor Bonacore creator of the short film Ice Cream Sunday and the soon to come DIARY OF A DEADBEAT documentary. Check out the trailer here

We talk about film festivals, both their pro's and con's and our own personal opinions as to what their use is for independent filmmakers. We also talked about some of our favorite films and a ton of other crap.

Here is a link to the podcast about the film business I mentioned on the show mentioned on the show...check out episodes 20,21+


  1. Really enjoyed this one, great guest. I'll keep my eyes out for, 'Shit Fucked', what a name for a movie, can you imagine that turning up in your tv guide as a kid?

    1. Yeh I thought it sounded like a great idea too ^ ^

  2. Lol.. when Victor first spoke he sounded like Michael Angelo from TMNT

  3. Great episode, really enjoyed it. Really want to check out the Van Bebber documentary. I saw 'Deadbeat At Dawn' & 'Charlie's Family aka The Manson Family' in London some years back. Glad you mentioned 'A Snake of June' my fav Tsukamoto film

  4. I wanted to ask someone that knows how do you actually export video (in my case from after effects) so it's not that big of a file...
    I currently do quick time photo jpg on 95 quality and my 7 minute project and it is 2.5gb...not to mention that the shadows have that weird color transition(not enough colors i guess).
    Love from Romania ^_^
    no homo dawg
    ∆  ∆


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