Introducing M dot Strange the fine artist ^_^

"Offering" 2011 M dot Strange
Since I'm creating fine art at 24 muthafuckin frames per second I should probably get into the "art" game and sell stills of my work... like these choices from We Are The Strange and Heart String Marionette

"Bridge to Reality" 2011 M dot Strange
"Wind" 2011 M dot Strange

"Don't leave me here" 2011 M dot Strange

"Knocking on hell's door" 2011 M dot Strange

"Samhaine Tsuke" 2011 M dot Strange

"Thunder rumbles" 2007 M dot Strange

"Like a clown" 2007 M dot Strange
You might be saying uhhhh you just applied some filter to stills from your films and yes thats what I did but it looks fucking awesome ^ ^ I'm an artist that uses computers to create my art... BUT they are not making the art for me... its my color, my construction, my composition, my staging, my vision...

I guess I realized like DUH I'm a filmmaker AND an artist and if my films aren't going to help me break through maybe my art will? I da know?! But its worth a try ^ ^

So with the release of Heart String Marionette I'll be selling autographed numbered high quality prints like these...if you have any requests or ideas for me let me know! Like what size prints you might be interested in etc....
"bear Killa" 2011 M dot Strange

"Baby shootaZ" 2011 M dot Strange


  1. The world you set HSM in looks so freaking fantastic, i might have to watch the movie atleast 5 times before i actually pay attention to the storyline, theres so much in the background, like an ispy book.
    You may want to look into the deviantART prints setup, they allow wrapped canvases and stuff like that too, though i dont think you can actually sell autographed ones there.

  2. u ever consider putting badassery and darksided on dvd or digital download or anything like that? or no?

  3. Beautiful images, mdot. Would love one of my mis-understood bad guy (heheh).


  4. those look great... You've definitely gotten some powerups along the way, mdot... I'm going to have to up my game another notch just to keep up ;)

    you should check out this: for your next production, it's the "painting with polygons" technique that I used on my last couple productions, makes it look more like a concept art painting than a plastic 3D render.. (ever notice how the concept art for a film is often better than the actual film...)

  5. These are SO COOL! My favorite ones are "Samhaine Tsuke", "Don't leave me here" and "Thunder rumbles". In the future I would like to see a picture with Rain. He is my favorite character! (So far...). Plus I FINALLY got a job so I'll finally be able to buy A_book! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! xD

    @TimTheScarecrow I completely agree with you. I love "We Are The Strange" because every time I watch it I see something new! (like an ispy book ;)

    1. haha yeah. (i didnt actually get that as a reply, just happened to re-look at the comments, saw my name) and same for me, every time i watch it it's like, oh, look, theres such-n-such on the wall over there.


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