Selling downloads of your film on your own part 2

So after doing some more research it seems that E-Junkie has problems selling files that are over 2gb
File sizes above 2GB or so have shown a consistent pattern of problems, so we recommend 2GB as a sensible "soft" maximum file sizefiles slightly above that size may still do okay, but the more your file exceeds that guideline, the more likely you will have problems.
Also consider whether most buyers would even have 3.4GB free on their hard drives to save the file, and how long you'd be expecting your buyers to babysit a download of thatsize, considering that any download can only be as fast as the slowest link in the chain, which is usually the buyer's own ISP connection speed:
For sellers of extremely large files, we usually recommend taking advantage of our pre-integrated support for SwiftCD, so you could have them automatically duplicate your file(s) to a CD/DVD and mail that to buyers on-demand whenever an order comes in:
I don't think there's a problem on the Amazon S3 side and I've download lots of 4gb files before so I know its possible of course... So I started looking around and found this company DPD  I emailed them asking whether or not I could reliably sell 3-5gb files with their service just now... Looks like they can handle 3gb files but I'll wait to hear back from them... I also contacted E-Junkie to see if they had any other solutions besides having people order physical cd/Dvd's...

There must be a cost effective way to do this in 2012? I mean the bandwidth and storage should be the most expensive element but that only costs $0.12 a gig with Amazon s3 which many companies use themselves.... then there's the monthly fee for the e-commerce stuff... but yeh I'm going to be looking for the best solution I can so that you get the best and most reliable experience.

It has to be easy and use a payment processing option most people have... they have to be able to reliably handle 3gb-5gb files... So I'll keep looking until I find the answer....


  1. E-Junkie's size and bandwidth and "most buyers would even have 3.4g free" seems a little off to me... I mean look at netflix...lots of people have that, their internet is fast enough to stream it, and I know people who routinely download 10's of gigs a day to catch up on shows...seems like a marketing thing to me. "Oh, well if your user can't download a 2gb file, use another service with us!"

    ...although, I think it would be quite possible to get a decently compressed copy of the 720p version in under 2gb...certain uh, sources do that on a regular basis with mainstream stuff and it looks decent enough, especially if you were only charging $5.

    I guess with the premium download, you'd want to include better quality, higher bitrate, so yeah, 4-5 gb would be more where that falls...

    Though like I said previously, I (and many others I'm sure) would jump at the chance to have this on BD. I just know the licensing is ridiculous...I ran those numbers myself as a what-if (and I don't even have a movie yet) and can't seem to find a way around it. In a lot of ways you are helping so many of us out Mdot, by trying out these things yourself.

    I'll just be excited as hell to get my hands on the film, in whatever form or however much I have to pay for it.

  2. u might want to give a loud shout out for a webmastery type of person on your youtube channel to get this kind of thing set up for you, i've been using filedropper to give away my stuff for free which gives 5 gigs, i'd imagine there'd be a way to commercialize something like this

  3. As we discussed in the support ticket, DPD has no problems with files of that size. Huge downloads can be an issue for some customers, but we have strategies a vendor can take such as breaking the video and extras up in to separate downloads, selling bundles, etc.

    I noticed your previous post talked about Louis CK doing self distribution. We've also been watching artists like Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan and have written about it on our blog:

    We're actually looking at adding a video streaming component to DPD this year so that anyone can do what Louis CK did, but without spending $300K doing it.

    1. Thanks for the info! I signed up for the trial and so far its awesome!


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