Selling downloads of your film on your own part 3

So now that I've heard back from E-Junkie and Dpd it sounds like Dpd is the best choice right now... Here is what they had to say about my concerns in regard to large file sizes...

DPD has no problems delivering files of any size (Amazon S3 does have a hard limit of 5GB per file, but we cache huge files like that locally). The real problem you're going to have is older computers opening zip files that are greater than 4GB in size. Windows XP, for example, can't open zip files that large- it will just lock them up 
A better solution, since you will more than likely have to get a plan with more product slots than you need for the storage space, is create a bundled product that contains the standalone video (avi or mp4 or whatever) + a zip that contains the extras. Something like this would use 3 product slots- one for the video product, one for the extras product, and the bundled product, but would eliminate the issues with extremely large zip files. The benefit would be that your customers purchase one product (the bundle) and on their delivery page they will have a link to download the video, and a separate link to download the extras.
So the nice guy from dpd answered my questions, dropped some knowledge bout XP and came up with a great workaround so I'm most likely going to sign up with them to sell HSM online. I also checked out Fetchapp and emailed them... looks pretty tite but they don't have their own shopping cart... you have to use paypal's or whatever other payment system's cart. Dpd gives the customer the option of Paypal or Google Checkout.

Dpd seems like a great all in one solution at a great price. So all you do is set up an account...Upload your files... create your products... copy the button code and paste it on your site or where ever else...looks simple and professional too.


  1. any chance you could put out a version of the film with an alternative soundtrack? maybe just take ALL the shit you like and cut it in the movie .. hehehe ... you could even release it on a torrent site for shit sake ... idk .. maybe this is down the road after initial sales or something ...

    oh shit .. maybe just do it with WATS ... hehehe

    nothing against Endika, I'm sure the original cut of the movie with his music will be amazing ... but an alternative soundtrack with random bands would be down right radical.

  2. That's great dude, really eagerly anticipating the release!

    As well as what Louie CK did, you might want to have a look at what Trent Reznor's been doing over at He tends to have multiple versions of the product (album) with different varying extras/deliverables. For instance you could have the standard download, the deluxe download as you mentioned, then when it comes to hard releases like dvd/blu ray, sell them at the same time as a pre-order, but give the hard-copy buyers the downloads too for immediate delivery, I suppose then you might be able to better gauge how big a run you want to do on your initial replications of the disks etc... and you're ordering them with the pre-order money so are not going out-of-pocket. You could take it even further and have an ultra-mega deluxe version that bundles everything with a t-shirt or a poster or something. :)

    Anyway good luck on the releasing front, can't wait!


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