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So I now have three feature film scripts done and I should finish at least one more in the next two weeks... The one I'm starting now is a little horror film I hope to shoot here in Iceland this summer... I've been wanting to shoot a little no budget live action feature film ever since dem DSLR's got cheap so it seems I'll get my chance... Seems we got the location on lock and even a d00d on board as producer who will supply half naked humans to be slaughtered and more!

I'll have HSM news for you in a few weeks when I get back to Nor CaL and see what that crazy Endika guy has been up to in his studio... I'm hoping its really done this time and I'm sure yall are too ^_^

I've been going through a bunch of Zbrush tutorials focusing on upping my skills for the next serious project... as well as testing lip sync techniques and trying to work out technical issues for future projects as well... the world of 3d animation gets more and more exciting every week and I'm just trying to keep up working new techniques and processes into my workflow...

So I hope to have good HSM news for you in a few weeks... until then I'll keep developing new projects while trying to make myself a better Uberector...

I think the Forever Alone Filmmaking podcast is a pretty cool guy so check it out if you haven't yet.

Also I'm throwing around ideas about a motivational filmmaking book called "Stop acting like a bitch and make your fucking movie already"

But yeh I'm still here working in teh shadows in hopes that my new film will greet you in the near future and the following films will start to fall in front of yer face like dominoes...faster and faster...

ALSO if anybody else is in Iceland don't miss the IRON SKY screenings on the 13th! Imma go to the 22:00 one.... Check they site to see when/where it's playing in your country.


  1. Hey M dot!
    I write my second screenplay for a producer here in my hometown in switzerland. Even though i wrote my first script with 17 and finished the movie finally this year, i totally forgot, how long it took me to write the screenplay. You seem to go pretty fast! May i ask, how long it takes you to write one full first or almost final draft of a script? Thanks! - Joel

    1. Hello! It takes me about 7-10 days for a first draft as I write at least 10 pages a day until its done... I spend a day or two outlining before writing though...

      I was MUCH slower until this past year... I learned to be a lot less "precious" with the script... I look at a script like a puzzle now and not a piece of art...its been much easier and much faster since I took that approach...

      Good luck with your scripts and your films!

    2. Nice. Are you trying to sell these or make them yourself. Also I read the "Writing for fun and profit" book and its hilarious...

    3. Thanks for the reply! I agree. I think i had around two weeks last time for the script. I always write long hand and when i type it into the computer i basically already writing a refined draft automatically. First write from the heart then rewrite from the head i guess ;) Thanks a lot for the inspiring stuff you did and do for the community and all the best! Greetings from Switzerland.

    4. One of the scripts I'm def going to make myself... one of them I'm def going to try to sell... and one of them could go either way... yeh that book was awesome! Made writing movies intended for "profit" seem really fun

    5. Good news all around, Mdot! Love the podcast and am excited about your liveaction film coming up. Good luck on that. Wish I could be there to hang out and act for you! Always amazed at your energy and creativity.

  2. You are the beast, not just a beast, THE Beast

  3. if endika doesn't have a complete soundtrack for ya at this point a firm but friendly kick in the nuts might be in order.

    Iron Sky, man i gotta find out when the american screenings are gonna be , iron sky's one of the few movies i've really been looking foreward to seeing this year.

    zbrush, it's got tons more cool stuff in it since version 3 but i find i get lost in it a lot

  4. Question for the podcast: what are some major things that you tweak over when making your movies?

    ALSO, Mdot! I heard in the podcast that you hated retopology. I dont know if you have heard about this program called "3d coat" it has an auto-retopology tool where you can import your model, and the program does the retopology for you. Example:

    Don't know if you already looked into it, just trying to help a dude out! love the podcast (unknowingly stayed up till dawn modeling just listening to it today)

  5. It's almost the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Heart String Marionette teaser.
    A trailer would be nice for the anniversary!!

  6. Agreed, new trailer or video for the anniversary lol n_n


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