The end of the era of selfishness?

So Facebook is worth 100 billion dollars... its value comes from its users data ... yet the users are rewarded by Facebook sharing %0 of their wealth with them... or "watch us get rich while you play farmville"... So the content and data that gives Facebook its value comes from the users... Facebook gets rich... while users... get... a timeline? tite? 0_o

Pinterest is worth 1 billion dollars... yet again its value comes from the time and energy its users expend to pin stuff and they are not paid for their work... and that stuff is content created by other people who are NOT compensated either... but Pinterest is gettin paid... tight? 0_o

This can't last can it? Won't people see things like this and realize that they are being FARMED for their data and time? And won't a time come when people go FUCK THIS?! And no longer use such sites and services if they are NOT allowed to be in on the profits?

I mean Google allows people to be in on the profits with Adsense which is c00... I make $0.02 a day off this blog because my niche is so tiny BUT at least they give me a chance! At least there IS an open door... Where is the open door with Facebook? Where is the open door with Pinterest?

I suspect in 5-10 years time SELFISH companies like the current incarnation of Facebook and Pinterest will fall because they will not share the wealth with the users who give them their value...ONCE the users wake up to it...

The scam has got to end some time... just to get a rough idea check this out if your constantly visiting a site and spending your time there... contributing/participating.. and the site has ad's ....that gives you a rough idea about how much money they could be making... if its a lot where's your share?

So check it out...if your spending time adding to the value of a site that is MAKING MONEY off of you and they are not sharing it with you and you don't like that... then STOP USING IT!

I have a hunch that any artist who is not sharing the wealth with their fans in 5-10 years will also fail... the age of advertising is dead... word of mouth is the new power... word of mouth is moneY... are you being paid?

If I'm talking all this shit and not sharing I must have a way to share my profits with you in the future eh since I haven't done it yet? I'm going to launch my idea of how things should go when I release my new film Heart String Marionette on June 15th ^_^

So yeh selfishness has made the world the FUCKED UP place full of inequality and greed it is today... its time we get on a new trip and try to make EVERYBODY happy or at least give them a least open the door so we can all get a piece if we want too ^_^


  1. maybe ..

    open source social media.

  2. Im proud to say i never fell for the facebook craze, to this day ive never even been to the site. And ive never even heard of pinterest.
    But what you said about the artist sharing the profits...
    Unless you get your fans to actually DO something, as far as helping goes, not just subscribing and being a neat-o fan, i dont think you should have to share your profits. I mean we're your fans because we want to be, not because we want anything back.

    1. Good for you staying away from the'll be obsolete soon enough and everyone will go "what was that all about again?" ^ ^

      Appreciate that Tim! Well I just think in these tough times... and on the internets where peoples time and energy is worth something... I'd like to try and create a new ecosystem for indie artists... to share profits with the people who will choose too... it'll be an opt-in thing.. and also to share profits with the cast and crew... I feel bad that I can't pay anyone during the making of the film... so when it goes on sale... I'll be sharing with lots of people ^ ^

  3. I am a bit skeptical about the criticism here. Facebook is a product that is provided to the users on a paid basis, users pay by having to see ads, in exchange users receive storage, constant updates, ecosystem, multiple features of communication and search, users receive 3rd party products built around API and infrastructure, like COLOR ( for example, all that what is given to users costs real money, servers alone, support team, now of course given the fact that it is a very popular product and some would even say very good on (i am on G+, and do not use FB for personal uses at all), given that it is popular it is sold with a margin and thus profitable, but there is no way it could be done for free, Google ad sense is not possible G+, and while it is possible on another Google product - youtube google takes % from the money and advertiser pays to show their ad on YOUR page and you get just a portion of it...


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