Gearing up for the HSM release!

So I finished cutting the two trailers for the film... one is a totally E_VILE trailer and the other is all heartwarming they can appeal to different peepS...

I have settled on two new tagline's for the film which when combined are the films USP! OMG voltron like combining for ultimate power?!

I never thought I'd see the day when I was excited about Unique Selling Propositions and affiliate marketing 0_o but in a quest to discover a sustainable true indie business model I'm willing to learn anything I have to....

I created 50-60 promo images for the film with the film's tagline's on them and a few blank ones...

A few of you have noticed the affiliate program link up above on this blog... that's part of my release plan as well... I will officially launch it in a week or so and provide all the details + marketing materials at that time...

I built a site wherein I detail EVERYTHING I've done for this release in a step by step fashion so you can duplicate my method yourself if you choose to... it goes over how to compress your film... set it up to sell online and build the site for the film, setting up the affiliate program etc with my reasons as to why I chose to do what I did...... I'll make it live when I release the film...

As soon as the release goes live I'll get to work creating the extra's for the "special edition" release to come later...

So in about two weeks you'll see the film and FINALLY see what the fuck I've been doing with my life these past 4 years 0_0

So yeh... thanks for stickin with me.... things will get really interesting...really soon ^_^


  1. Awesome stuff, man. Can't wait!

    I also noticed you've posted 2 new podcasts!

  2. looking forward to it. awesome new podcasts by the way. i like your distribution ideas you were talking about

  3. I dunno why but when i read that my mind was in epic mode and i started going "Yes i can watch it now!" even though i clearly knew it still isnt released.
    Way to build up the hype. ;D

  4. Heartwarming? Nope. You don't do heartwarming even if you say you do (hehee) Really psyched for your release. Will promote the hell out of it on my end. Great idea to do a site with all of the affiliate info, etc. Giving back to the community!

    HSM will soon take over the world.

  5. Congratulations I can't wait to see it.


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