Selling downloads of your film on your own part 10

So I'm pretty sure initially there will be no 1080p release... the files are too big so I would have to distribute two zip files for that version... it seems if I am to do this myself and if I want to keep it simple I should just sell one version... the 720p version... which after a few days of compression tests I'm able to get  looking REALLY NICE at about 3.7gb... I can make a 720p version thats around 2.4gb but it gets a little chunky looking in some places...still looks good but it has its flaws...  What should my priority be? Smaller download? Or better quality?

If I am to stick to the 1080p releasing standards as dictated by the movie pirating scene ^_^  I'd have to go with a bigger file and as of right now the only practical way I can see distributing such a file would be via torrent and there's no way to like sell a torrent download... you can take donations and make a torrent freely available... that's an option I'm thinking about as well...

So I'll release the 1080p version later when I figure out how to do it best...

As soon as I get a handle on the encoding I'll get back to work on the bonus features...

So the way I'm testing the encoding is... I create a one minute video thats made up of several different clips...from several different types of scenes in the me a good cross section of the visuals...So if this test minute looks good I can be confident that the whole film will look the same...

So I encode this file over and over while tweaking the encoding settings... I'm using MeGui with x264 to do the encoding right now BUT surprisingly I'm getting cleaner results from Adobe Media Encoder from the demo of the Adobe Cs6 stuff... there's less noise but its a chunkier encode... I'll keep testing until I find the right formula...


  1. Quality is most important to me, mDot. Although it's more work for you, why not make the 1080 version a Blu-Ray disc and not a download? You can charge a little bit extra and throw in some goodies to make it worth while. It just sounds impractical to put out an over 4g download on the net. I really liked the We are the Strange disc.

  2. ....and fund it through kickstarter so if costs you nothing

  3. He could do both! Digital Downloads are where it's going, so this is smart business. I download movies constantly from the internet. If you get a new game, it takes a moment to install. Someone's pumped enough about something, it's not that impractical at all. 4 gigs isn't that huge, plus you can make your own Blu-Ray with your download! AND you don't have to wait for the damn thing to ship in the mail, and it's more affordable. He doesn't have to waste his time shipping things out, or the money on actually have something made. It's a great way for those of us with no money to get our stuff out there. If it gets enough attention, then I would look into possibly selling shirts and DVDs or whatever. It's kind of like putting your movie in a theater 20 years ago. Only way cooler and you don't have to suck farts out of old prick producer's asses to get it seen.

    1. lol.. I have no clue how to create my own BLURAY

    2. Not too different from making a DVD. Blu-Ray Burners are becoming more affordable, and there's SO MUCH room on a Blu-Ray. I've never owned a blue-ray player either. Looks like I might have to get one towards the end of the year. :D


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