Some ideas for after the release of the film...

My pal Ricky Grove who is the voice of LORD WOR in Heart String Marionette and an overall awesome d00d was in San Jose yesterday so we had dinner and discussed some ideas that could make the release of the film that much tighteR...

Here's some stuff we came up with...

Live interactive director, actor, crew commentary

So lets say you downloaded and watched the movie and now you want to ask the people who made it some questions or whatever... so how about for a month or so every Friday night HSM will be streamed on Ustream or Livestream and I, along some members of the cast and crew will be doing a live commentary or Q&A as the film streams on screen... so it would be a live commentary track ^ ^

I tested this out with Ustream producer last night and I could get the movie on screen and my mic audio but not the film audio...I'll have to mess with it more but seems doable... will have to figure out how to get multiple peoples audio on as well through skype er something? Any ideas how to do that? We want the film on screen with its audio sorta low... then 2 or more live people with their audio on top of it...

Heart String Marionette toys

So if the release of the film makes enough money I'll do a run of action figures for each character and sell those on the site


If there is enough demand for a Blu-Ray version... I'll work on creating a full featured Blu-ray to be released later in the year... it seems like as of right now this is the best way to get the best quality version of the film in your hands... I don't have a blu-ray player myself and have never watched one but a few of you have emailed me about a Blu-ray release so there is a little demand...

So there are a lot of "if's" in there... I think being a nobody like me... you've got to start really small... tiny in fact... as the only overhead for the release of the film will be the $30/month for DPD... doing a run of high quality DVD's in digipak's like we did for We are the Strange costs anywhere from $2000 to $6000... Blu-Ray will cost even more... so I'm going to start really small and see what happens... first off the goal will be to make the $30 a month back haha... if that happens it'll be a small success... then hopefully there will be a string of small successes leading to bigger ones... but I'm not going to make any assumptions...

So yeh.... up until June 15th I'll be working to make the release as awesome as I can as a nobody ^_^

Then after the release I can finally start serious work on the next film... its about GAWD DAMN TIME!


  1. never seen a blu ray?? :O
    if u ever end up getting one don't go for the player go for the ps slim
    then get an hdmi cable and plug it into a 1080p television
    quality is amazing
    and now blurays cost about the same as dvds online

  2. i do hope that HSM will make ya enough money for a little toy line that'd be sweet

  3. I'm really looking forward to HSM. I personally would love a bluray copy of the film to go with my small collection of indie animated films, but for now I'll be happy with the 720p download.

  4. Those ideas are amazingtastic.
    A Blu-Ray for HSM would be a great addition to my movie library. (as long as its not priced above $40)sorry :/
    If you did make a toy figure type set, how would it be done? I mean would you craft them yourself like you did the puppets for WATS? or would you get them officially made?
    oh, and as far as you never seeing a blu-ray movie before, there isnt really anything special about it, except you can access the menus without leaving the movie and junk, and as far as quality goes, the only blu-ray i have that really has any change from its DVD version would be the blu-ray version of Pulp Fiction. so unless you're watching that movie, there isnt much to be fussen over.

    1. Yeh I'd pay to have the toys made so they would be like regular good quality plastic action figures... anybody can have toys made these days... you have to do at least 1000-2000 usually...anywhere from 0.50 to $5 a piece... of course the more you make the cheaper it is each unit...but yeh if I make enough money I'll pay to have them made as it would be awesome ^ ^

    2. ^^Its that creep stalker of yours here that MadDash guy, Lets say a fan wants to make a toy of one of your characters 3d fan art if you will. Is there a place we could send it to hook you up- Dashiell777@gmail

  5. I guess when you sell DVDs or Blurays you have to get them in a bundle..
    It's a shame that they can't just print them out whenever one is ordered, getting a stipend for themselves, and costing you zero munnies :/

    1. Createspace can do on demand DVD's so they only make them as people order... but the cases are just barebones...and they can't do multiple DVD releases or Blu-ray

  6. What you can do for the USTREAM commentary is have various simultaneous streams: HSM original Audio, HSM director, HSM Actors/Endika and have them open at the same time in different tabs on our browsers? I know it sounds a little austere but it´s an idea :)
    Also, i would totally buy the action figures/toys.
    Blue Ray, don´t really need since I tend to download the stuff I want to see in hd and buy whatever quality of download is available on line. Meaning I might pirate an hd version and buy a regular dvd of any movie I see in cinemas. If i had the option of downloading 4k versions of my favourite movies I would, even if it meant paying a slightly higher price. It sounds cheap on my behalf but it´s me being honest. Hope it helps.


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