Always a workaround...

So while grinding trying to get the 3.7gb file that is HSM online for sale I learned some things...

What was happening was... I was using Cyberduck to upload the 3.7gb file to DPD via ftp... when exactly 1.8gb of the file was uploaded Cyberduck reported a connection error as asked to resume download... I would click yes.. then it would continue from the 900mb point NOT the it would have taken literally forever... and this is what I was doing the past 24 hours 0_o

So I downloaded the demo of "Yummy Ftp" which has advanced error correction... so it got to the 1.8gb point and the upload speed dropped from 300k to 150k but it kept uploading unlike Cyberduck... this is comcast throttling the speed which I learned after googling it fer a bit... so that was causing Cyberduck to report an error and drop the connection... so it JUST finished uploading...

Now I have to download it and make sure the file is not corrupt and the movie file is ok... if all is ok I will send out the product update to all who bought it already... thanks to you! And then I will switch it from Pre-order to order! ^ ^

Thank you all for your support and patience... if you want to see how M dot Strange and his cliche trailer are handled out in the wild internet check the BoingBoing comments here ^_^


  1. glad its starting to work out. yeah i saw those asshole posts on boingboing earlier. they were handled well though

  2. Boundegar

    I really hope mdotstrange is under 21. It would be sad to hear a middle-aged man say, "Shit just got real mawfokkaz!"

    Today 12:28 PM


    I'm twelve years old and what is this?

    Sad really? Sad? Sad is children being murdered... sad is the destruction of the environment...

    A grown ass man like me saying SHIT JUST GOT REAL MUTHAFUCKAS just means SHIT GOT REAL MUTHAFUCKA!

    Stay Gangsta and drive safe.

    Class, Mayne!

  3. OMG! The download of HSM as begun..

    1. I hope you like it! There's now a forum on so if you want to discuss it any time I and hopefully other peeps will be there! Thanks!

  4. Downloading now, fuck yeah ^_____________^
    Time to make a pot of green tea, kick back, and enjoy this shet.
    Congrats man, I will be hyping this all day tomorrow to everyone I can.

  5. Downloading now. It's 4:28am in Scotland now. Yes I's have no life :D - I'm a' working on my fill-um



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