Attn torrent masters! Here's some files for you!

So since the automated youtube thing was HATIN on the upload for my new film- I prepped the same video file + a couple more things for a torrent release.... I haven't made any torrents for awhile so I'm all uhhh MAGNETS how do they work?!

If anyone wants to download the files and make a proper torrent please do... I'll seed and get everyone I know to seed as well... It's the "try before buy" version of the film... its not HD but I think its good enough to know whether the movie sucks or not and if people want it I'm selling the HD version + Soundtrack for only $5 here

So if you want to make a torrent here are the files... if you send me the torrent file I'll post it here and everywhere else I can... thanks so much! I tried to create the necessary files to make it like a normal scene release ^ ^ nfo file, screenshots etc...


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