First 24 hours of my new film on sale- numbers

OMG transparency! So a few people asked me to share how the film is selling ....numbers etc... I'm selling the film from my own site here for $5 w/the soundtrack ^ ^

So in the first 24 hours its sold 265 downloads

The film is the main item I'm selling but there's a few other items as well that add to the 24 hour total
I don't have any expectations as far as initial sales go... I could have sold the download of the Film+Soundtrack for much $20 - $25 but I went with $5 because I didn't want to price poor people out of the equation.

Most of the affiliates haven't gotten started yet as I just sent them the materials but here is the 24 hour total for affiliate sales...

So if these continues every day for the next year we're really on to something! haha... I don't know what to expect but I'm just going to do my best and work with the affiliates and hopefully we can make this thing a big success! We have unlimited inventory!

After affiliate payouts I'm splitting the profits 50/50 with Endika

The bossman from DPD sent me a screencap of their bandwidth when HSM went on sale

My goal as far as the money goes is to make enough so that I'm able to make my next film "God Lives Underwater" much faster than Heart String Marionette.


  1. HAving just finished the film all i can really say is i hope this pays out for you. This movie is so much unlike anything ive ever seen before. Its good. Its amazing. One of the best pieces of art ive ever seen. Congrats to both you and endika. Not many people even try much less succeed. you did both. Sadly i cant pin point every thing that made the film work. My minds not functioning on that level right now but i hope you take my words for as deep a meaning as they can have.

    p.s. dvd/blue ray, both your books, and please a HSM shirt... all on my must buy list.

  2. Not bad! Great you share this info with everyone. Let's keep getting the word out there. Five bucks per mindfuck!

  3. You do know, that when you release the dvd or blu ray
    everyone who downloaded it will buy the movie again.
    This moneies is just the start up monies.


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