Heart String Marionette (Try before buy version)

Thanks to Cronus for hosting the file, you can now download the try before buy version of my new film... If you think its not crap and want to see it in HD + the get soundtrack you can get them both for only $5 here

Thanks again to Cronus and to all the other people offering help + suggestions!

UPDATE: Here is the torrent file thanks to Peter!


  1. Thank you
    I have bought for five dollars a great work.
    I was very impressed.

  2. Do you have any plans to put it on Vimeo since youtube is fucked?
    I think it can help to increase traffic.

  3. YouTube of course will get you probably the most attention. But can't you talk to these guys i mean after all you're pretty well known on the channel and were on panel discussions for them. Surely there is a way around it. I bought it too ;)

  4. Torrent file can be found in http://dl.cronus.me/mdotstrange/ too for direct download

    Torrent Download :

    Direct Download :

    and to hell with youtube =)

    1. Awesome thank you! As thanks I'd like to send you HD copies of my last 2 films ^ ^ I just need an email address to send the download links- so if you email me at mdotstrange@gmail.com I'll send em to ya! Thanks again!

  5. Found a review!


  6. Definitely the best film I have seen for a long time. Very enjoyable mix of Ninja Scroll, Miyazaki's films, Matrix and horror; often visually and musically breathtaking.

  7. Heart String Marionette is a elegantly well constructed mind-blowing masterpiece. The music Endika composed was perfect! All of the voice actors were fantastic. Mdot you did an amazing job. Thank you! -applause-


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