Low tech options for the best quality now

So when HSM goes on sale June 15th it will be a 720p digital download which is a 3.4gb file... NOW even at that file size it is not perfect quality...there is some banding in some scenes which is unavoidable unless it was a 5gb-6gb file which would be ever the 4gb file limit and would just be too big of a download for most.... NOW nothing is PERFECT and trying to achieve perfect quality at a low cost for me and keep it affordable for you is not possible right now with digital downloads in HD....

*If you play the movie in VLC and turn "debanding" all the way up it gets rid of it all ^_^

That being said it still looks and sounds awesome ^_^ I recently got a Blu-ray burner that was on sale... so I'm thinking about a special option for those that want HSM in perfect quality right away... I'm still planning on doing an official high quality DVD and Blu-ray release later in the year... BUT with this burner I could burn the movie to a Blu-ray disc one by one if people want them?

It would be a special limited edition item as I would burn the disc myself then draw all the disc and cover art myself and sign it... made out to you of course ^_^

Do you think anyone would be interested in this? And if so how much would I charge for such a thing?

Any thoughts? Any ideas?


  1. I'd be willing myself to purchase a high quality DVD version, having it a limited edition and signing it yousrself would be great.
    (perhaps some secret extras that the digital download wouldn't have? just a thought.)
    But that sounds great.

  2. Well you said something about there being a high q dvd and bluray release later on in the year, aside from it being hand drawn and signed... what will be the difference?
    Like, will it have any authoring to it? or will it just be the movie and no menus or special stuff?

  3. Well, I would gladly pay for the Blue Ray special edition. I want to watch HSM in the highest quality right now!!!!!!!!

    just tell me how much?

  4. I'm gonna download it. and wait for the vhs.

  5. I am definitely buying a DVD and hopefully a signed one that would be so COOL! I agree with Exy that there should be some DVD extras. I really enjoyed the ones that were on WATS DVD especially the commentary version of the movie.
    I still need to buy buy A_Book and I think I will FINALLY be able to do that this week yay!~ (I can't wait! It will be a present to myself for finishing Finals xD)
    Thanks for keeping us involved :)

  6. Yea, I would be willing to pay at LEAST 25-30 bucks for a signed and drawn on DVD if it had all the trimmings and was not JUST the movie.

    If it was just the playable file, but with the drawings and the signature etc, I'd do 15-20 still.

    The digital download is 5 if I'm not mistaken? So that sounds about right. I dunno, I might be low balling it but with more details I could make a better guess of what I would pay. I think it is a great idea though.

    1. Agreed, the prices you mentioned are right in the ballpark of what id be willing to pay

    2. Yea, I still feel bad throwing out prices because I know how hard M Dot has been working on it, almost anything I put feels like its less than he deserves, BUT I'M POOR SON. Been following it since the beginning, so I am pretty stoked. <3 u M dot

  7. This would be quite nice.

    I liked how in The WATS DVD release there were a ton of extras on both the discs. Insight into the directors live was pretty interesting. The packaging, artwork, etc really gave the viewer the feeling of a legimate special edition (most special editions from major studios don't really give that amount of content)

    hm a idea would be to provide fans a option of building their own DVD/bluray set? The option of getting the movie along with A_Book and B_Book would be awesome

  8. Name the price and I'd buy it. I'll have to get a bluray player, but it'll be worth it! I want special features almost as much as the movie.

  9. I'd buy a Blu Ray...and I don't even have a Blu Ray player xD


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