Start your game engines!

I know this is only a demo for the new Unreal Engine but its so tite have to post it...

So all of that is rendered in REAL TIME 0_0 I mean its looks SO GOOD... More than good enough to make animated films with... its AWESOME.... So much better than any viewport render I've seen in any 3d program... I don't know the specific technical limitations and I know there's Unreal editor... BUT it would be awesome if the Unreal Engine could be added to any 3d program like Cinema 4d as a 3rd party render engine...

I would make movies forever with this THAT RENDER IN REAL TIME 0_0 No rendering??!?! No render farm?! NO crazy power bill because you only need one PC and it looks like that?! (faints)


  1. i got a bunch a friends who know a bit about the unreal engine, it totally went over my head when i first looked at it, it'd be cool to see the unreal engine graphics be put into some of the 3d apps like c4d and blender. anyway if you want to get into unreal it has a really powerful 'kismat' system that works a bit like c4d's xpresso system which takes care of the some of the fancy graphics like in the video

    my whole degree, all for making geeky comments like this one =P

  2. It is curious how you look at it, and I hope guys behind it will be wise enough to provide it as a tool for film and animation making, with a reasonable pricing and so on, this also brings few interesting points about the medium, for example while maintaining it as a movie and not a game, giving a possibility to turn camera around as if protagonist turns his head during dialogs and so on could be interesting, however a need for such features is up to director to decide.

    what is clear is that for game industry I do not see a big need into bringing graphics closer to photo realism, i do not see how medium benefits from it, rather I see a degradation over years in big titles where those visuals flourish the most.

  3. @Ori
    Visuals aren't the only thing being showed off in the unreal engine. it's also showing some amazing physics capabilities.
    As some people may know if a game doesn't have proper physics the realistic images just end up looking silly when stupid shit starts happening with the physics.

    (regarding the post)
    This would be absolutely amazing if you could just take it into C4D and just use it to animator in real time, but something I notice is the fact that the hardware real time rendering it has gotta have a hefty price tag to it. you see all these amazing game engines show off what they really can do but when you boil it down to what the game devs can do with it they're severly limited by the modern mass produced hard ware. the new un real engine could do wonders for modern gaming but again the hardware, let's say you made Generic Shooter 5 with that unreal engine and put it on an xbox 360.
    it wouldn't be able to run the engine to it's full potential on it's very limited cheap hardware.

    Also another thing about making films with game engines, if you look at the modern RTS game Starcraft 2 you can play a match in full and it saves a replay of your match for your viewing pleasure, but it dosen't jsut go and make a video file. it saves it as directions.
    Let me explain what I mean, if you started and you built 5 drones and then built a second base. it was write that down on a list and use that as reference. so it saves file sizes by not making them videos but by simply making the scripts in wish the game executes when watching. so let's say M dot made HSM into a set of directions a model would take, and modern day video players knew how to execute those actions.
    M Dot could cut off a lot of the file size without sacrificing graphical appeal. because the graphic settings are being rendered on your computer.
    I think that would be neat, but again you gotta have some decent hardware.

  4. @Exy I would like to comment on 2 points, a) physics in games are more than good enough for atmosphere, and they have been like that for years, everything else is technically wonderful but utterly farfetched, Ageia PhysX dates like 5 years ago, more realistic particles of explosions, collisions, participles flow in water and other forces - ARE NOT the things game industry needs, not the things that are to be invested into, they are subconsciously considered a substitution for well written plot with a freedom of game play, attention to details and Easter eggs, experimentation in genres, embracing human interactions. I am not saying graphics and physics are not important but Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins on game boy accomplished more in terms of design and interaction, and Braid told better story than majority of games based on the best 3d engines.

    b) If we are talking about bringing interactivity into a movie - yes wrapping it as an application ran by the engine is the only solution, if we still want to just make a movie with the engine - there is nothing better to get a universally playable hd video.

  5. Someone's already using Valve's Source engine to make a animated feature film:

  6. Fuck it. Looks like I might animate some films afterall. Prepared to get super disgusted. :D


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