Talkin movies with people in 2012

In 1996 I went to the cinema and saw "Lost Highway" with a friend... after the film we went to a cafe and talked about the film for a few hours... and that's when I decided I wanted to make films because I was like whoa you can make a film so interesting you can talk about it for hours?!... so discussing interesting films with other people is one of the main things I love about movies...

SO since my new film is coming out soon I REALLY want to find a good way for people out there who will watch HSM to connect with each other to discuss the film etc... There's always forums, which we will use... but I'm thinking the free tech is there now to do something better with audio/video

I've been messing with Google+ Hangouts this week... and there is a "public" hangout feature limited to ten people... which would be good for groups of people to discuss the film... but the thing  I'm having a problem figuring out is HOW and WHERE to share these hangout/links so that people might make so others can find them easily and pop in and discuss the film?

I've only been messing with Google+ for a few days so it might be really easy to do...if so let me know ^ ^

Of if you know of other practical ways for people to discuss the film through voice/video chat? I think if we could make that happen it would be an awesome thing ^_^


  1. A simple chatbox would be better.

    Before you start the show though, you should have a youtube video telling people to go there at w/e time

    1. Jes I will announce these things of course ^ ^ Any chatbox's that you've used that you thought were good? Like the ones people stick on the side of blogs?

    2. Well a lot of forums I go to set up a system called "Livestream"

      where they stream a movie, tv station, or even their own computer screen on the side and the chat window on the other side.
      I've never set up one up myself though, so I guess I can't help there. +p+

    3. Sorta like that yousynch site? Hmmm I'll have to look into somethin like that too...thanks!

  2. Maybe do an IRC channel + skype? Kindof an odd mix of stuff, but the remix community I'm a part of has an IRC channel that never sleeps...and most of the time there are peeps calling each other on skype and shet and doing movie nights and all that. I'm trying to grab some fewls to buy and watch HSM with me when it hits...can't wait.

    1. Sounds fun! I haven't done much with IRC besides using the client a few times... any recommendations on easy solutions for me to setup a HSM IRC channel? I'll google it now but if you have the secret let me know ^_^

    2. There are a lot of networks out there, and setting up a channel is basically as easy as connecting to it, and then registering the channel with the network's services. That basically means you get an operator status so you can regulate the channel, and that it won't go away. The only caveat is there have to be people in it usually :) If you wanted to set it up on synirc,, I would add the channel to my preferred list and idle there as there are a bunch of other channels on that server I'm in usually.

      You do have to have the client of course, but I think Synirc also has a web-based client as well for people wanting to just jump in. I use mIRC since it gives you a lot of scripting options (like autojoins/services all that stuff)

      Best part is that it's realtime with anyone connected.

      Also, to register a channel, you basically use a /msg nickserv command, which will send the server a private message...then there are some parameters you can use to setup the something like:

      /msg nickserv register #channelname emailaddress passwordforchannel

      All the command line junk is a little tricky at first, but you don't have to use it often at all.

    3. Thanks for the info I'll check it out!


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