Connecting the Dots

I'm getting pretty good at the whole making the full length animated film thing... but I still suck at the whole promotional/marketing side of things... wish I had a publicist... well maybe next time...

It may sound like bullshit.... but as much as I love Heart String Marionette its not even close to the best I can do... I'm already better right now...  So I'll keep trying to connect the dots....

So hopefully one day I'll figure it all out... until then thanks to all fans, friends, comrades, the people that love and care about me enough to help me stay on this path. I'm trying my best... but I'm a hopeless artist lost in his cinematic dreams...thanks for allowing me to continue to dream ^_^


  1. Why didnt you do what you did for WATS? I mean with the whole screenings things in your area and whatnot?
    And what happened to trying kickstarter? Id be more than happy to get an ad set up on dA for it.

  2. Hey Tim, how do you setup that DA thing you are talking about?
    Also M Dot, what do you say about WATS and Badassery released on other portals as a series with a trailer at the end?

    I could do it if you want? I think releasing it in increments can build an audience and various other portals and then build more of an attachment.

    I'm all for feature length movies but it is a slam bam thank you mam all at once type thing. For me the internet is all about serial entertainment. Build an investment and relationship as you have done in your videos on teaching and blog videos.

    I think the interest can be rekindled in your older stuff and then point them again to the new stuff. Building a broader audience.

    Say for example you have 1 video and 100 people see that video and maybe 50 like it.
    Then the 2nd video gets 100 differant viewers but now they want to watch the first part. Now Part 1 has 150 viewers, part 2 100, part 3 gets that average 100 with 50 wanting to see more.

    See how it grows from a serial format. That is how alot of comic book artists do it. Build an audience as you go.

    I think us Indie's have to think more like comic book artists who have been in the indie field a lot longer.

    I do feel your presence was more hardcore when it came to WATS. There were way more blog videos, updates and you out on street corners selling your wares. :) Just a thought.

    I'm sure you'll connect the dots. Or if all the artists join forces you'll have one make it and then tell everyone else where to look. :)

    1. idk if you have to have a profile on dA or not (thats deviantART incase you didnt know) but you just go to the little tab at the top that says "Shop" then go to "buy Adcast". There you can buy your own little fully custom ads. ummm for a main homepage type ad its like $20 for like 2,000 or 20,000 pageviews, or for a user's profile page ad its $20 for 500 clicks. (that one guarantees your ad will stay up until 500 people click the ad.) hope that helps, Shawn.

  3. a movie BETTER than HSM?!? my body will never be ready..


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