I need your help to translate the subtitles for my new film!

When I released We Are The Strange I was able to make it available with subtitles in 17 languages thanks to awesome peoples out on the internet who took the time to translate it. Now I would like to do the same thing with Heart String Marionette.

Before the whole film is released on youtube as the "try before buy" version... It would be awesome to get it subbed into at least ten languages... hopefully we can do 17 or more ^_^ 

If your interested in translating the subtitles all you need to do is download this file.

Any and all languages are welcome!

The required text file + instructions are included.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. If you were on the We Are The Strange subtitling team and havent seen Heart String Marionette yet and you want to translate it... contact me and I'll set you up ^_^


  1. It'll be an honor to help with the German translation^^

  2. Dude, sign me up!! n_n
    I would totally do the subtitulos in Spanish (at least American continent Spanish, cause that's my upbringing rather than of Spain). It would be an honor to do authentic, accurate subtitles for HSM. Im tired of seeing the subs so off when in Spanish, or in general. It would be worth my time. D.O.T.!

  3. I can do it in Japanese.
    Have you considered putting the trial version on Niconico?

    1. I'll put it where ever ^ ^ Once the subs are on it and its on youtube yall can post it where ever you like.

  4. can help with russian, if you still need one

  5. Hi M Dot Strange,
    I found your blog and film really just by chance. I must say that your films really fascinate me. This is not really what I am interested in but I think it is wonderfull what all you made just on your own. I can translate the subs in czech,if there is not someone else.


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