Random notes 7-2-12

There are three versions of Heart String Marionette...

Heart String Marionette
Heart String Marionette: The Silent Form
Heart String Marionette: Directors Cut

Only one has been released at this time... the other two will be released later along with extra's etc...

If your primarily printing text documents like scripts and the like... GET A CHEAP LASER PRINTER... I just got this one its so fast and the text is so clean 0_0

I just finished a fairy tale book version of Heart String Marionette that will be released within a week or so...

I'm doing a new book called "Diary of a Heart String Marionette" in which it shares/explores the inner thoughts of Samhaine Tsuke and the Kid... and it shares their back stories etc...

The books cost me nothing to make as I'm doing them through createspace...and I have written material from them as it was in previous much longer versions of the HSM script... I just need to create the images... which is pretty fast and fun...

I'll be writing a new inspirational type book as soon as my editor Stormko sends me the proposed chapters ^_^

The planned release date for the next feature film is Xmas 2013... I have become much faster at animating and every other part of the process so it may sound bonkers right now as HSM took so long but don't forget that a lot of the time while HSM was being made I was waiting to work on it...that time allowed me to do 8 episodes of Badassery, 3 episodes of Darksided and I wrote 2 books... so it could have been done much faster if there was no waiting...

So my goal is to release the next film Xmas 2013... the animation will be better... the storytelling will be better... everything will be better...

High expectations can cause you to be let down... when HSM was released I didn't have any expectations... I know that to make something a success it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time... the hard work and time I spent making the film doesn't carry over to the release... the work/time meter starts over... there's no freebies unless your married to a celebrity or your dad is a famous movie director or something...

A true creator keeps creating as long as it is possible for them to do so... as of right now its possible for me to make another film so that's what I will do.

I also recently met a game programmer who I'm partnering with... he said his reasoning for contacting me is because he wants to create the "creepiest game ever" and he believes I'm the right guy for the job ^ ^ He'll do all the programming and I'll do all the story/art etc.... so as soon as I finish a few more little things for the HSM release I'll get working on that...

AND since I'm curious about the possibilities I'm starting work on my first narrative novel... outlining it now...

So yeh expect more strange in different mediums coming to you soon ^_^

P.S. Thanks to all the people who have bought HSM!


  1. Excited for the different versions!

  2. Yes, I am excited for more HSM stuff as well. I am just in love with it's world. You somehow define the exactly atmosphere and style I enjoy.

    Anyway, out of curiosity would you be willing to do another post similar to the first one in which you showed us how the sales of HSM are going? Really interested to see how they grew once people started giving it good reviews and telling more people about it.

  3. Very cool news. Love the idea of several versions of HSM. And a NOVEL by uberwriter md ot? Oh, yeah....

  4. I love what you do Mdot! I've watched HSM a few times already with friends and family. I like that you are planing on releasing a few new cuts of the film and this sparked an interesting discussion with my friends who have seen the film. A lot of them had mixed reviews of the film. We all agreed that the strongest parts of the film were the first and last 30 minutes, because it focused on Samhaine Tsuke's story arch, but Siouxsie's story and her dialogue really slowed down the middle and held the film back. Samhaine Tsuke's story is really strong enough to stand on its own. Samhaine Tsuke's relationship with the child, lord war, the devil, and the waspwoman are so interesting and dark that those are the images i'm left with after the film, not Siouxsie. I'm a huge fan Mdot and i mean no disrespect, but i'm sure there would be plenty of people who would love to see a version of the film that focuses a lot less on Siouxsie and more on Samhaine Tsuke and the child. A "mainstream" cut would broaden your audience and transition them into your work. Maybe you could outsource the cut and see how it flows while you work on other things.

    1. My good chap Unknown, I must respectfully disagree! You cannot have the silent badass in every scene throughout the whole movie. For example if a movie was just Kenshiro or Vampire Hunter D doing cool shit all the time, the feeling of seeing that would not be as strong as every once in a while. You need to mix it up a bit. The lows make the highs feel higher if you know what I mean ^_^

      Also I love Siouxie's character/attitude and she really helps explore Samhein's character. Like how he is unable to open up easily because of his past abuse and his yearning for true acceptance/love. More Lord Wor towards the end would be awesome but Siouxsie is pretty essential I think ^_^

  5. i dont know what it is about it, but this depressed me. i mean its all good news i suppose but now im sad. i guess its where you said god lives underwater will be "better" as far as story goes. My heart got a little tissy fitty i guess. I think your storytelling method is fantastic. My little sister said (after watching HSM) "you gotta be a genius to be able to tell stories like this". i guess it seems like you're second guessing your skill, as i dont really see how you could top HSM's amazingness.

    1. Thank you Tim ^_^ And thank your sister for me...for her compliment ^_^ Yeah you're right though... I do second guess my storytelling ability as many people through my career have been like "wtf is this nonsense" I know its not nonsense and so do you ^_^ but still the criticism affects me...so I kinda have a chip on my shoulder about that... I guess I tell stories more emotionally than logically/cause and effectLY... so if people aren't in touch with they emotions maybe they don't get it? I da know but I'm not going to change my storytelling style...I just try to get better in every way every film.

  6. Good work Master M. may I suggest invest some of the money you make with HSM in getting help to animate de next one, that would sure speed things. Cheers

    1. That would be awesome but it doesn't look like it'll be something I can afford for the next project... HSM hasn't made nearly enough money to do so... unless the film gets some big press and it drives a bunch of people to the site to buy it... its making peanuts for now.... So I'm glad I can use the same computers for the next film... maybe after that one I'll make enough to hire some people and buy new computers... until then I'll just keep making films however I can...

      I can do it faster...I just need to push myself and be better ^ ^

  7. Also the next step might be lip sync, people just connect more even with a crude, simple syncronization (I think) but since C4d does'nt do it automaticaly probably have to find a middle way solution (map+displacement?)When is the podcast coming trough? curious...


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