Thanks you for your comments and support!

Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment on my last post- I'm now scraping myself off the floor and will get back on track using much of the advice I received-

Truth- I have been wallowing in self pity and feeling sorry for myself and the film
Truth- I've done literally NOTHING to promote the film + reach out to people for it
Truth- I'm not a quitter- I just needed a little time to be a drama queen ^ ^

A lot of times I think I share things in this blog- me doing stupid things- because I forgot who I am and why I do what I do- but you all always remind me- so thank you for that ^_^

During this whiny period of the past month- Two HSM DVD's have been completed- two seP discs-just need to record the commentary then their done- and four new books have completed "M dot Strange's People R Strange" - "M dot Strange's Art at 24 fps" - "Scripts_Scribbles_Storyboards" and a little fairy tale book that's already on sale in the HSM site store- I'll be promoting all this stuff soon on youtube and the like- like I used too- with MY FACE!

So thank you all again so much and don't worry I'll stay strange ^_^


  1. Glad to read you are doing better and hard at work. Great news about the DVD's and the books. I'll be posting this at your FB site and buying up the goodies as they come.

  2. stop the presses... or whatever it is thats moving right now!
    Which body cavity are we talking about here?

  3. Im glad you're "back". my wife an i were 'worried' for you? i guess thats the word. We just didnt like reading your blog and seeing how down you were, knowing there wasnt shit we could really do other than offer kind words. But its nice to see you out of the dumps and back bein strange.

    Also does this still mean God lives underwater is still on hold?

  4. Awesome to see you're feeling better dude! ^_^ Use your "pain as fuel" and our support as a motivation. Also, little sidenote, when you get around to it, another episode of the podcast would be super cool. I know you've got more important and awesome projects to get to, but I just really enjoy hearing you and Mr. Screamerclauz talking about whatever. It makes me feel like I'm there just hanging out with some awesome guys who love what they do and have some awesome ideas about everything. So maybe after a day of hard and productive work you could call up Jimmy and talk about stuff for an hour or two? First things first though, get back to doing what you do best: making the world a stranger (and better) place.

    P.S. The whole 'StrangeR' thing I mentioned last time is totally catching on with me and my friends. Memphis-area StrangeRs representing. ^_^


  5. So good to hear you are feeling better :) I got pretty sadface when I read your last post + comments. The sci-fi series sounds wicked and I will defs be buying the new books and HSM dvds. Stay strong and stay strange. Love you long time.

  6. was wondering what was going on, and glad to hear your doing better. think about how many people your art has already inspired. i wouldn't know that feature length diy animated films were possible if you didn't do what you do. I see your art slowly building momentum over the next few years, and its only slowly because, lets face it you don't have a giant studio promoting you, but word of mouth will keep spreading your films and your cult following will be much larger as your catalog grows. looking forward to the series, I'm sure it will be great. also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses the podcast, looking forward to the next one. later dude.


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