The making of stories to be told on hoLD.

It doesn't look like I'll be able to put out much if any making of stuff for Heart String Marionette... I have tons of and tons of material... test renders, behind the scenes videos, all kinds of stuff BUT I'm not going to have the time to go through it all, organize it all and release it until maybe after the next film is done at the end of 2013 I'm thinkin...

Here's a few pics and stuff from the making of material:
Animating the Ronin being attacked by monks scene

Endika(Composer) on a winter night

Endika(Composer) and Zhubin(Voice of JERK FACE) after a recording session

Ricky(Voice of Lord Wor) and myself after his recording session

Fire I shot that I used to comp into matte paintings

My friend took this photo of a bloody floor in Cambodia wherein the Khmer Rouge used to torture people, I tiled it and used it for the floor of the Body's haus

Toy Soldier concept art
So yeh I'm really starting to hit the practical limits of what one person can do in regard to producing the films + all the other release material... So I need to make some choices as to what gets made and when...

Will for sure have DVD's of the original version of the film + the uberectors cut of the film... I'm thinking the most practical thing to do would be do create the next film and see if there is a demand for more HSM material at that time which would be the end of 2013/early 2014...if there is I'll take the time to do it...if there isn't I'll move on...

God Lives Underwater lives in the same universe as Heart String Marionette so it might be more appropriate to release the making of stuff together after the new film is done....


  1. Say it ain't so, m! You gotta have something on the making of...even if you just grab it from the bag and throw it on. Perhaps, as you say, if more folks are interested, you could just put it all on a disk and let your fans sort it out. I'd be happy to do it for you, too.

    1. There is a lot of stuff...its just going to take some time to properly organize it all unless I just dumped it all on a disc... yeah you think people would want that? Or if you are interested I could mail you a flash drive or two with all the making of assets if you want to take a gander and let me know?

    2. i pretty much live for extras, its the one thing i think the olde DVD model has over piracy.

      i just want to throw out some thoughts and ideas here, you could use crowd sourcing to organise this stuff more quickly by maybe turning it into a competition for your fans to churn out the best extras pack or something(just an idea)

      i know i'd happily download a folder full of extras videos from DPD i don't know how much content you've got for the extras but something's better than nothing; Heck sell it as a seperate item that way the ppl who dont really care about extras can just go get the movie and the ppl who are rabbid about that kind of stuff can pick it up easily, i'm even willing to bet that there'd be ppl who don't care about the movie that'd want to see how it was made

      one final thought on the your new business model, i do think its pretty tight the way HSM's just a digital download but if DPD has the option you might want to look into a pay what you want model but with a base price set into it, radiohead tried this with their in rainbows cd, granted its a small minority that'll pay higher than whatever the base price is but it IS more money in your pocket(i seriously wanted to pay 15 $ for your movie). i know donating is an option but its a weird convenience thing

      p.s. i'd be happy to take a stab at organizing the extras content too, both for DVD and for a digital download type of thing.

      p.p.s. do you still want me to make those blender tuts for everyone?

  2. Seriously. half the fun of the Wats dvd is all the extras. all the commentaries, short vids, behind the scenes. Its a quality dvd. Well worth the purchase. You could ahve charged more for it honestly.

  3. Also, when u say the next film is in teh same universe does that mean the characters will be marionettes/ puppets again? Like will the aesthetics carry over? Will you work with endika on this next film as well? The two of you together seem to be like a power couple :P.

  4. I live for behind the scenes man...I LIVE for it :D But hey, making another movie is more important...just if you wait until after GLUW (that's..kinda awsm) I want like, 6 hours of special features \o/

  5. i agree with both Richard and ZephyrStar.

  6. I hate to sound demanding when you've already made such an awesome film as HSM but by all means @__@ if you're on the fence about adding behinds the scenes stuff...DO IT! I was already super looking forward to seeing some behind the scenes stuff on this and everything. As someone who wants to make their own epics one day, seeing how the things I look up to are made is crucial to me

    If it doesnt happen I wont hate you or anything, i understand, but if its possible then this is your fan asking please? <3

  7. You're right, having someone else going trough the material is a good solution, a fresh eye might help to choose the more interesting things while you recover the energy for the next one. Cheers


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