Todd Solondz's DARK HORSE

I'm a big fan of his films so I was excited to see that his new film was screening in San Jose today AND he was attending the screening... so I went to check it out... enjoyed the film... a must see for any American male... or American, period... won't say much about the film other than that I enjoyed it and I think you should see it...

I got to ask Mr. Solondz a question at the Q & A...or well it was more like I thanked him for making his films... he's a very intelligent and funny guy and his films are one of a kind... if you haven't seen his films I highly recommend them.


  1. awesome filmmaker, happiness is a funny damn movie, thats his only one I've seen. i'm gonna have to check the others out. are you and screamerclauz ever gonna do another podcast dude?


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