When the world just wants you to go away...

Turn your back and let em freeze to death.


Let the fire in your soul blaze through your eyes and incinerate them.


Don't give a fuck at all and keep moving along your path.


Whatever you do... don't stop.


  1. M, how can I help out with the "The Day the Clown Cried" project you were talking about in the last podcast?
    I think it would be very funny and would love to help.

  2. Sometimes you come across something so inspiring that you want to share it with the world. But the world is stuck on something else. They see this carrot stick dangling in front of their eyes and they believe that if they just stare long enough and wish hard enough they will eventually get to eat the carrot.

    They don't realize that even the carrot itself is not real. Its a projection of the media they consume and if they only paused programming for a moment to take a look to the left or right they might find something full of substance.

    Unfortunately most of them will die with minds malnourished.

    You shared something with the world that means a lot to me. As a visual artist I will never be the same because of Heart String Marionette.

    Its almost like its a wake up call from... hmm... our collective souls. Our collective subconscious. I don't know how to describe it. I don't even know if that was your intention but for me your movie is pretty damn deep.

    I love it. And I hope that you don't stop. I hope that you never stop.

    Mostly because you're a proof of what its possible to do make when you master a few tools to express yourself. You even wrote a book so that other people could do it too. That just blows my mind. You're so human. And I'm human. And your fans are human. So if this is an expression of one man's imagination with no boundaries attached from controlled media...

    What the hell can the rest of us do?!?

    I don't know if most people realize the weight of that. Anyway I guess I'm just babbling now. Have faith M Dot Strange for your work has restored my faith and the faith of others as well. I do believe in the law of sincerity. But time is an artificial construct of man. The long term impacts of your work have yet to echo and when they do they will not stop.

  3. >What the hell can the rest of us do?!?

    We do this in turn. We create our own films.

  4. Hi there. Sorry for whatever in the past, and I've been getting my stuff together for a while. So I didn't feel "qualified" to post here LOL. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I would like to ask some of you more savvy persons how I can help out with pushing forth the success? I do plan to write a review or so, discuss this film and WATS. I do have quite to say, and as usual I think the movie was phenomenal. At first I liked it but was kinda iffy or put off by some parts (mostly the stereotypical "indie 'shock'"), but after multiple views I really got it and it is a very substantive movie. I thought WATS would be better than this one, but well I still really love WATS, but I think you've really moved forward here M dot Strange. Keep going. You have so much momentum here bro. I am behind on this, and am not the most savvy and crafty of persons, so I would like some explanation and heads-up, know-how so that I may join you guys together in this endeavor.

    This means SO MUCH for crafting expressions as we know it. We have plenty of other independent visionaries here, myself included. I wrote a bit about this in my blog, if anyone would be so kind as to check it out, and perhaps follow my blog. I'm not trying to promote myself or my partners at EverestPoint in an obnoxious way, I am putting other people out there (shout out to David T. Krupicz) as well. But I'm sure ye are probably used to sharing each others material as well, so I shouldn't fret. No biggie. I would not want any of us to be nullified and squandered. I really want more and more oportunty for such possibilities for the visionary who does not want corrupt, deceptive corporate control (not to be preachy or anything). For filmmakers as well as composers, and even those who struggle to make a productive video game these days, dammit! For animation and live-action alike! I had a hard time getting a debit card to use to purchase the HD download (my first time using one as well, registering felt as if I was hacking or doing some considered illicit activity lol). I have a bank account shared with my mum, and I don't remember the numbers.And I stay away from credit cards. It was all worth the trouble, and I still have it and the soundtrack in my laptop. Thank you so much my dude. I hope things go progressive in the realm of art and production. Besides paying you for your real work (I will eventually buy A_Book and B_Book, I desire it! >_<), I want to do whatever I can to help somehow. Sorry I couldn't or didn't help out in the past (despite me simply purchasing the WATS dvd). This is exciting for me. Whether I make cash or not from this, I don't care, I just want to make it better for us visionaries in a desparate wrestle, 'cause it ain't ea$y for sure.

  5. so many words ... must be a new crop of fans .. ^___^


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