Catching up with dot M

Recently discovered the films of Konstantin Lopushansky  - I watched all the ones I could find-since demonoid is dead and the bay didn't have much I got em on His films are SO DARK, metaphysical and awesome- My fav was The Ugly Swans check it out here!

Steven Pressfield- the author of the must have book THE WAR OF ART dropped a new book to knock off the cobwebs and get you chasing your dreams- its called TURNING PRO - I read it last night and it got me out of the muck and back towards the moonlight ^ ^

Scrapping God Lives Underwater as my next film- tore it to shreds, using some of its shreds and some other things to craft an all new idea/script this week- no title yet-

Have decided to turn my sci-fi screenplay into a novel - as well as my erotic horror script into a novel as well- I've never tried to express my ideas in the form of a novel so I'm going to go for it and put them out-

So lots of change- lots of movement- the gears are turning underneath my skin making my hands twitch with syncopated anticipation- moving towards a new behemoth to unearth- what will it be? I'm not sure but I've got to keep working-

I haven't been on the internets much so my apologies if I haven't replied to your communication yet or mailed your parcel- I've been outside thinking- but I'll be back inside to work and answer you soon!
Why so serious? M doTs? I'm THEEEEENKING!!!!


  1. definitely gonna have to check that movie out and his other work too, it sounds great. glad to hear the wheels are turning again dude, and as always I'm looking forward to seeing whatever it is you create next, and i know how it goes to. I've been pretty frustrated lately creativity, but i just think a lot and take notes. i really need to find a job so i can buy a new computer(this one is not mine and is 11 years old.) so i can start my animated film. would really be awesome to read a novel written by you. do you read any bizzaro fiction? check out carlton mellick iii you might like his strange ass books.

    1. I have never heard of bizzaro fiction until now.. Tankz. Ive been looking for stuff lik this but could never find it! HAH....... Hi. Im a social disease by Andersen Prunty has captured my eye.

    2. If you build around a am3 quad core cpu you can piece together a computer for under $130.

      $60cpu,$30mobo,$15(4gb)ram,$25(250gb)hard drive. Keep a eye on newegg's/ refurbished section for cpu supply comes and goes daily. Also Craigslist while most people try to rip you off but sometimes you can find good deal on PC parts.

  2. yayz an update! Thought you might have ACTUALLY killed yourself for a second there.. o_o;

    These new ideas/novels sound very exciting :D Although you may perhaps want to keep the title God Lives Underwater for later usage. After all it is a VERY badass title!

    being Outside thinking sounds like a good idea for ya. You've already accomplished so much, there should be no rush/stress to jump into the next thing. This is like the hyperbolic time chamber episodes. Training and getting pumped for the next big fight ^_^

  3. So the outside isn't hazardous to our health? Sheesh//relief//

    Thanks for sharing Ugly Swans with us, it's deff something I want to finish watching after work, I'm only half an hour in but it looks interesting ^__^"

    Keep that motivation up M dot we can't wait to see what you create, just as long as you're enjoying it and keeping it strange :D

  4. thats all cool. but as Azel said, you should try and keep that title God Lives Underwater for SOMETHING. idk, maybe a song or something or an album even. It is a really intersting title.

    (side note)
    I just recieved A_book and B_book a few hours ago, i almost didnt, though... the dumbass mail guy put them on my neighbors porch and he was nice enough to knock on my door and tell me he got my boxes by mistake. I read a bit into A_book, and then cracked open B_book... Im upto I Hate Everything now. Though most of what i read is documentation/aoutobiographical, the fact that a lot of it is in 3rd person made it feel more like a story. A true story, but still well told. Just saying... if you go through with the novel thing on those 2 projects of yours, i imagine it would turn out very well and non-shitty.
    Best of luck wishfulness.

  5. Oh god a new podcast is up everybody *tears of joy* ;_;

    its been so long cant wait to listen!

    thank you both for taking the time to make a new one mdots + jimmy!

  6. D00d, I'm fucking thrilled that you love Lopushansky's films! Ugly Swans is my favorite too - I really dug it, fer probably similar reasons to you! ^ ^ Did you ever see Tarkovsky's 'Stalker'? - Lopushansky assisted Tarkovsky on it. His movies are definitely their own thing, but you can see the influence. Also, See 'Dead Man's Letters' if you haven't already. It's HARDCORE! :D He's a fucking great director!

  7. dont forget about your yt audience they probably think your ded by now, they could use an update from u

  8. I watched dis film a year ago or a lil' moar ,probs, whole film btw I was thinking about you ,srsly, especially teh scene with teh radio , i 've found dis when i was searching for teh Dark city

  9. Hey M dot, I think it'd be cool if you do a tutorial with one of the scenes from HSM.
    Take a scene and dissect them. That way you can teach people something new and promote the film at the same time!

    Also, I think you should really make a new blog post when you do a new podcast.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  10. You should do the podcasts again :(


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