Forever Alone Filmmaking Future

ScreamerclauZ made a facebook page for the podcast which we just did a few new episodes for- you can find the itunes link there and if you have any questions/comments for the podcast please leave them there in the fb page thang

As I was advised from some wise peeps on this blog- I created a new personal youtube channel for my tutorials/film school/rant type videos- you can find it here I'll be posting there regularly- here's a PEOPLE R STRANGE ad I put up last week

So as per the good advice I removed over 450 videos from my mdotstrange youtube channel- what remains is finished animation and films- so if you flip through the vids on the channel or send someone there all they'll see is my films and stuff, so they won't get lost in random video craP.

Thanks to a referral from my homie Mike from Nigeria this organization commissioned me to make a short animation about nature/environmental issues-  it has a giant monster banana fighting a half chicken/chicken "GMOzilla" creature so hopefully they won't reject it haha

Here's an interview with some dot somethin guy from The Vault Magazine you can check here

Strangely enough the new film I'm starting in September has some tie-ins that make it kinda pre-queLy just a tad- showing the story behind the Sword of Sorrow and a few other characters perhaps- it might even have a We Are The Strange connection 0_0

I destroy and recreate myself with every feature film so I wonder how it will be put together this time?

P.S. I wrote a couple new episodes of Badassery and Darksided so hoping I can kick those out soon


  1. w000t! mdoTs back on youtube!! \(^_^)/ And thanks for the extra podcast! I now understand all the masturbation!!!

    p.s. that short kinda looks like animal wars blood


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