Script+Storyboards in one book for my new film!

My new book "Scripts_Scribbles_Storyboards" contains the original 76 page screenplay from Heart String Marionette as well as all 1500+ storyboard frames hand drawn by me. A glimpse behind the curtain at the strange structure that created the film.  See deleted scenes and shots in the storyboards that were not used in the film, decipher the enigma that is Heart String Marionette.

Front Cover
Back Cover
Title Page
Real script note scan pages 
Storyboard pages
Script pages
Real script note scans
It's only $15.00 - You can buy it now HERE

It's 232 pages- The complete script+The complete Storyboards+some notes and drawings from the development of the film


  1. Just placed my order. Great idea. Can't wait to go over the storyboards and see what madness struck you during the creation of HSM. Ha!

  2. I want a m dot strange book box set :P Im ordering them all any way but a box set!!! well it would save me a click or two. :P

  3. this looks awesome, i like the borders of the pages.
    I agree with crash426mnb... a box or collector's set would be flippin sweet.

  4. Nice! I like books of raw sketch/notes/storyboards. I just ordered the A and B books but will get this some time too.

  5. Just noticed a pretty big spike in views on the trailers o_O

    Dunno what magics your castin but keep it up d00d!


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